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How to get people to your 5 day Facebook Challenge?

Yesterday, we talked about what you need to have a successful Facebook 5 day challenge.

Part of that is getting people in your challenge.

Without anyone, it’s not the best although there is something to be said for practice.

Getting people into your challenge can be as simple as inviting them but we’ll talk about longer term goals here.

Inviting people to your challenge

Even though we start with a discussion on inviting people, keep in mind this is the most basic way to go.

It’s still a very valid way to do it and you can certainly start with that.

As a matter of fact, that’s how I did my first challenges.

I would post that I was having one, with the topic and what they’d learn and just invite those who commented.

You can also simply have conversations with people you think could be interested and leave it at that.

What not to do

Before moving on the the next things you will want to setup, let’s cover what not to do.

You might be tempted to send a message to friends that includes the link to your group, don’t do that.

You also do not want to just blindly invite friends even though that does get some interested, it’s just a risk to have people flag you as a spammer in Facebook and you do not want that!

Lastly, if you post about your group, it is best that you are posting other things to and do not include the link in your post (unless you are going to do an ad)

What else should you setup?

As mentioned, even though you could just invite people to the group and leave it at that, there are a few things you will want to consider if you are looking to grow your audience.

You’ll want the following:

  1. Add questions to group – including their email
  2. Create an email list you can add them to
  3. Create a capture page you can ask for their email
  4. Write up emails to send them in preparation

Let’s get more into details on each of these…

1- Add questions to group

One very popular thing to do when creating a group is to ask pending members questions.

These are usually asked for these reasons

Get their email so you can add them to a list if they aren’t already in and if so, validate they already are in list.

Ask them a question about your topic that they want answered.

This will help you to create your content, you might find people have different questions than you thought.

Lastly, get them to commit that they agree with the group rules.

Obviously, you don’t need to ask those 3 questions, but those are typically what leaders do.

2- Create an email list you can add them to

Next is actually creating a list in your auto-responder.

Some leader say to have only 1 list but I find that each time I get a subscriber, there’s a different reason for them to join my list.

I like to send them an email that’s specific to why they joined.

In the case of a challenge like this, I send them a link to the group and other information they need and suggest they create reminders or keep the email.

You’ll also be able to email them reminders for each day as well as send them info later on.

3- Create a capture page you can ask for their email

Instead of sending people directly to the group, you should create a capture page to gather their email and send them the link to the group.

This helps in many ways.

Of course, you’ll get their email this way even if they do not enter it when asking to join the group.

You also eliminate the distraction of being in Facebook when they go look at the group.

You control what they see instead of Facebook showing them other ads or notifications.

4- Write up emails to send them in preparation

Your email list should have a welcome email with link to group of course.

As mentioned, you’ll want to have reminder emails in the list but you’ll also want to setup a sequence to introduce you and the challenge.

Doing something like what Russell Brunson calls a Soap Opera Sequence which is a series of 5 emails sent one a day after they join the list.

You can learn more about this in his book Dotcom Secrets but the 5 emails would be:

  1. Set the stage
  2. Backstory
  3. Epiphany
  4. Hidden benefits
  5. Urgency and CTA


Even though it’s possible (and can be very successful) to run a Facebook challenge with only the group, you really want to get them in your world.

Normally your goal should be to get them to know, like and trust you so that they eventually buy from you.

You accomplish that by them seeing your content regularly.

Some say it takes 7 exposures for someone to take action, so they might only join your challenge after seeing it more than 7 times.

Watch the video for more details.

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