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How to get others to promote your 5 day Facebook Challenge?

Now that you have a Facebook group setup for your challenge, you need to get people into it.

Of course, you’ll want to invite people, have conversations with them and possibly setup ads to promote it.

But you’re just one person.

Sure, if you have a huge following, it might be easy for you.

But, there is a better way.

How to get others to promote your challenge?

Just like anything amazing in life, your friends might want to tell their friends about your challenge because it’s so amazing.

If it is the case, then wonderful and you have amazing friends that do that out of the kindness of their heart.

What if, like everyone, they have more interest in their results?

Maybe they are worried about you stealing their friends if they invite them.

You have to give them a reason to promote it.

They all know you have something to sell at the end.

If you’re a warm blooded human marketer, you’re going to have something to offer at the end of your challenge.


I mean, that’s the point of doing challenges.

Your main goal always needs to be to get them results, but they know and you know that there will be something at the end that allows them to do more.

Everybody knows it.

That doesn’t mean that they will tell their friends about it because “what’s in it for me” comes up.

What’s in it for them?

What I like to do is make sure they get a part of any sales I make at the end.

You could do it just by telling them they’ll get it just by being the ones who invited them to the challenge.

However, what I found best is to guarantee that they get credit using some more robust methods.

After all, this is the age of the home computers and cookies that can track anything.

Using Click eCourse to track it

If you are going to o a master class or sell a course after your 5 day challenge, you’ll be sending them to it at the end.

With Click eCourse, anyone in the group can have their own referrals just by having their unique link.

When someone buys the course using the link of someone other than you, they automatically get the referral.

Personally, I create a course with lessons and tell my attendees that they need to get the link from whoever invited them.

I give them 50-90% commission depending on the course.

Even better

An even better way to ensure your attendees get credit is to setup a course for the free 5 day challenge and send people to “add it”.

Anyone can get their own link and anyone who joins the challenge through their link will be able to buy the master class after without them needing to give a link since they’re already cookied to them.

So, create two courses in Click eCourse:

  1. Your free 5 day challenge
  2. Your master class you’ll sell later

In the free 5 day challenge, you will eventually add the videos from the Facebook group but until them, you put a link to the group.

This makes sure that anyone in the challenge also already has an account in Click eCourse so they can promote it.

How they promote

After they create their account to add the free 5 day class to their account, they can activate their affiliate program.

Once they have joined the affiliate program, they will be able to promote the free 5 day challenge themselves with their own link.

Anyone else who joins the 5 day challenge will automatically have them as a referrer.

Once those people buy the master class, even with default link, they get credit for the referral.


It’s possible to give your members amazing incentive to promote your challenge.

All you have to do is create the challenge in Click eCourse as well.

Watch the video as I show how to do that.

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