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How to start your own Chrome Extension Business?

If you’re living under a rock or this is the first time you hear about me, you wouldn’t know how excited I was about this.

Just a few weeks ago I started my journey to my own Chrome Extension business.

I’m so excited because it’s a super simple process and I’m already getting my extension done.

I was able to hire a programmer for just $100!

What is a Chrome Extension?

In case you don’t know what a Chrome Extension is, let’s explain that.

Chrome is the program you use to browse the web.

It’s similar to Microsoft Edge or Explorer, to Safari or Firefox but it allows you to add functionality by installing Extensions.

Chrome Extensions are a tiny pieces of software that do little tasks for you.

They can:

  • Capture your screen and save a video or image of it.
  • Download videos from web sites.
  • Show definitions of words when you mouse over them
  • Automatically reply to Facebook messages
  • Gather comments in posts to save to a spreadsheet
  • Change your cursor
  • and almost anything you can think of

How do you create a Chrome Extension?

Just like any other program, a Chrome Extension is created by a programmer.

You can start a business and hire a programmer just like any other business.

But that can be very expensive…

Think of the building, the phone line, the electricity, the internet access…

What if you could hire someone for just $100, wouldn’t that be insanely amazing?

Finding a programmer online

Once you have an idea for a simple Chrome Extension, you need a programmer to create it.

Sure, you could create a complexe one but to start, I recommend you create a very simple one.

First, it’s easier to create it and your programmer will cost less to do it.

You can use sites like odesk, fiver or upwork to find someone anywhere in the world to do it for you.

I actually found my programmer to create my extension for just $100.

He’s still working on it as I write this, but you can join the waitlist at http://CommentGrabber.com for your chance to win a free lifetime license.

Publishing your Chrome Extension

After you’ve gotten your extension created, you need to get it in the Chrome Web Store.

This is where people look to find Chrome Extensions that do what they need.

It does cost $5 to be permitted to publish an extension there but it’s pretty straightforward to do.

Your extension needs to be free to install and it’s recommended that it includes a free trial or a free version so that they can use it right away.

Forcing them to pay to just see what it does is not something I’d recommend.

Getting Sales

It’s a business you are building, right?

Even though there are lots of free extensions in the Chrome Web Store, don’t let that make you think you can’t charge for yours.

There’s always going to be people that would rather pay for something that works and has support instead of getting something free.

I recommend selling it for $10-$50 a month on a subscription.

You could also offer a lifetime license, especially during the launch.

The best launch is a viral one, like the one I’m doing for Comment Grabber.

How to learn more

This may all sounds relatively simple but it is a lot of steps and there are many questions left unanswered.

You can certainly go through my blog and read other posts to get more information, but I bet you don’t have time to do that.

What if I told you I was doing a FREE 5 day training to show you EXACTLY what you need to do to make it happen.

You can find out more at http://free5day.ChromeSocialPros.com


It’s not rocket science to start a successful business with just a simple Chrome Extension.

It might be if you had to code it and you had no programming experience.

but, as you read above, I can even show you what you need to learn in 5 days.

Watch the video as I discuss this in more details.

Comment below for any questions ans share this post with your friends by clicking the social icons.

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