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Connecting your funnel, autoresponder and payment gateway

It’s one thing to create funnel, but you also have to make it do things for you.

Creating a page where someone can enter an email is pretty useless if you have to manage those emails.

Well, maybe not useless, but once you start to grow, it becomes really hard to manage that.

Of course with my current pre-launch of my software, I had to create a funnel, an email list and have the ability to get paid for pre-launch purchases.

Setting up your accounts

Before you can integrate all this, you’ll need a few things.

A funnel software creator, an email list provider and a payment gateway.

If you already have those, great, if not, this is what I use and you can too.

Creating your email list

Before you can integrate with your email provider, you’ll need a list to add people to.

Once you have your aWeber account, you’ll need to do the following:

  1. Create a new list
  2. Create a new campaign
  3. Add at least one email to the campaign

Actually, you don’t absolutely need to create a campaign or add an email to it, but I like to at least send out an email to let people know they got on the lsit.

Also, if you’re using any other email provider, you’ll need to go through a similar process although in the video I show you only aWeber since that’s what I use.

Creating your funnel

As explained in the previous post, for a software launch like mine, I use Click Funnels and created a funnel with 3 pages.

  1. Opt in page
  2. Upsell page
  3. Thank you page

I won’t go into the process here as you can go to the page Course Income Secrets #326 – Creating your sales funnel to launch your software for that.

In terms of integration though, you’ll want to integrate your email list in the opt-in page and the payment gateway in the upsell page

Integrating aWeber to your Click Funnels account

To integrate the email list in your opt-in page, you’ll first need to add your aWeber account to your Click Funnels account.

You do that on the main account settings.

From which you will go in to the Integrations tab

On which you will click the Add New Integration button

and finally choose aWeber

When you click it, a new page with the connect integration button will show up. Click that to login to aWeber to get your API key and then paste it in the form.

This only needs to be done once, it’s not a per-funnel thing but a per-account thing.

Adding payment gateway to your Click Funnels account

To add the Payment Gateway, it’s also in the account settings under the payment gateway tab

Similarly to the email integration, you will be able to add a new payment gateway using the add button

And you will see list of options that you can click on to then go through the process of logging in and allowing access.

Adding the Email list to your Opt-in page

After creating your funnel, you need to make sure the page includes a form input to enter their email.

You then need to ensure the button sends the form.

Lastly, you choose the list to add them to in the settings -> integrations page

Select aWeber from list

Then choose add to list with tag in Action pull down

Select the list you created for this funnel (or existing one)

Finally, optionally add a tag and you’re all set.

Save the funnel and you’re done.

Adding product to your upsell page

Once you have your payment gateway, you now need to add a product to your funnel.

You’ll find a Product tab on your funnel page

And when you click it, you’ll be able to add your product.

I won’t go into the details here but you can watch the video starting about the 23:29 mark


There certainly are a lot of steps to setting up a funnel to sell a product efficiently and get people on your email list but if you know the steps, it becomes easier to get it done.

Hopefully, this has helped you but if you have any questions or comments, put them below.

Watch the video as I show you how all this is done live.

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