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Automating Facebook comments with ManyChat and Ads

Now that you’ve got something to promote, you’re starting to see how much time it takes to reply to everyone.

What if you could automate the replies?

Wouldn’t that be amazing?

I went crazy a few years back when ManyChat first came out.

Well, actually, it was Facebook messenger automation that came out and ManyChat was just one of the options out there.

I lost my first page

Back in the day, I setup ManyChat to do exactly what I”m about to show you how to do and was able to get lots of subscribers and interaction with my posts.

I grew my page like crazy with new likes and new subscribers in ManyChat to get over 600 new subscribers in just 2 months.

But I lost my page because I didn’t focus my audience properly.

All those new subscribers were coming in because of the cryptocurrency craze I was in at the time.

So anyone in my audience before then that didn’t like cryptos, left my page or flagged my content…

Eventually making me loose my page.

What was the lesson?

I learned from that experience that if your page likes aren’t focused on what you are “peddling” at the time, you may very well become a target and loose your page.

So, make sure you keep your content and audience in sycn.

You can’t all of a sudden change your content drastically.

BTW, I’m not into crypto much these days.

P.S. I created another page after loosing that one and did the same thing and lost that one too – I hadn’t learned my lesson yet.

Posting to your page for ManyChat

Ok, now that you know what not to do, let’s talk about what to do.

You’ll need a page to be able to integrate with ManyChat.

Unfortunately, Facebook does not allow Messenger automation with personal profiles.

To start, you’ll want to to simply post on your page.

Keep in mind you want to ask them to comment something on the post to get more information.

It’s also a good idea to add a P.S. stating that replying will get them an automated reply, but test it out over time.

Creating automated reply in ManyChat

Even the free version of ManyChat has this. However, you are limited to 4.

It’s called a Growth tool and the one you want if the Facebook 2.0 comments growth tool.

Click on the New Growth Tool button

And select the Facebook Comments 2.0 option.

Next click the Select A Post and find the post you created on your page and selected it.

You probably want to enable the Track first-level comments only and add a specific word in the Only trigger for comments with these keywords option

Click on the Next > button and enter a few options for the Reply in Comments entry.

You may also want to enable the Like comments option. Click Next >.

Finally, you’ll want to edit the message sent to the user but first Save your new growth tool by clicking the Save button.

Finally, click the Edit icon in the Opt-In Flow section.

This will open the flow editor for the message.

Click the message to edit it.

And then edit the text in the message as you see fit.

When happy, click the Publish button

Go back to the Growth tool by clicking on the link in the top right.

And activate your new growth tool by clicking the Draft/Active toggle.

Creating a Facebook Ad to get comments

The final step is to create an Ad to that same specific post.

You could go to your page, find the post and simply boost it to the right audience.

You can also go to your Ads manager and create a new engagement ad.

I show you how in the video.

Hopefully, your add will be approved and all will work out, but you may find that getting your Ad approved isn’t always granted.

You may have to do this a few times.


Once your ad is approved, you’ll see people commenting on the post and anyone that does will get a message from ManyChat.

If they reply to the message, they will get added as subscribers.

Watch the video to see exactly how to do all that.

Share with your friends by clicking on the social icons and comment below for any questions.

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