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How I got in Facebook group jail and what to do to prevent it?

OMG, I’m in Facebook jail!


Yes, I’m a very very bad boy indeed!

I’ve done some terrible things, some really bad things… I’ve shared my course income video to 20 groups!

Isn’t that totally awful?

My content isn’t spam, or is it?

One thing you have to realize is that you’re not in control.

You might think your content is amazing and welcome.

I certainly think that – you’re reading this aren’t you?

The problem though is that no matter how good your content is, there are some who disagree.

They think it’s spam and that means it’s unwelcome to them.

How does your content become spam?

The fact that someone thinks your content is spam doesn’t make it spam, but it makes it spam to them.

Social media doesn’t know if your content is spam of not.

Well, they do have certain words they might look for but overall, they don’t care.

So why was I put in Facebook group jail then?

That’s a good question…

Becoming a spammer

To be clear, this is only my understanding of the process since no one at Facebook would ever tell us if we asked.

But, you become a spammer, not when Facebook says your are but rather when others on Facebook say you are.

It’s like this: you’re doing your normal thing every day… posting… sharing… engaging and your post shows up in Bob’s news feed.

Bob doesn’t like you or the content…

He clicks the little 3 dots on the post and select any of the “bad” options.

Of course, the worst is the “report post” but any of these add “black marks” to your profile or your page.

There’s lots that someone can do to cause you to be seen as a spammer by Facebook so we’ll leave it to your imagination.

What happens?

In the middle of your posting, sharing, commenting or reacting, you’ll get a popup saying that action doesn’t work.

It could also just not work – like the reaction button…

Or the feature just might not show up for you – like the share button.

In the case of the group jail, I got a popup saying I could not longer perform that action until a specific date and time.

How to get out of jail?

Unfortunately, when you get into Facebook jail, you can’t do much other than wait.

Remember though that if you do the same thing again after and end up in the same jail, the penalty will be longer.

I can’t be sure, but I suspect from a few days to a few weeks then a few months.

I know some people that got their account canceled completely.

How to prevent getting in group jail?

It’s true that you can’t prevent Bob from flagging your content but you can avoid showing it to him in the first place.

Well, to some extent.

First, make sure the groups you share too allow sharing.

Personally, I look at the content in the groups to see if similar content to mine is posted there.

If I ever get a group post rejected, I either stop sharing in that group or leave the group.

Group admins will not tell you that they rejected your post.

The only way you can figure that out is to go to the group and search for your posts.


Watch the video as I show your exactly the messages I saw.

I also show you how to search the groups for your content.

If you get stuck in Faceboo jail, don’t take it too personally, the platform support people won’t react positively if you complain to them about it.

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