Day 3 – Posting – Facebook FREE 5 Day Challenge to your first leads

Welcome to Day 3 of the challenge where you will learn about the types of posts.

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Step 1: Watch the video

Step 2: Read the notes

There are 5 kinds of posts that I use:

  1. Lifestyle:
    • This is a post about how you are living your life – or how you’d want to be (be careful though, no one likes fluff and “fake it t’il you make it” posts).
    • Could be family vacation.
    • Eating out.
    • Traveling.
    • Your home.
  2. Curiosity:
    • This is a post that makes people wonder and curious to know more.
    • You could ask a question like “if I could X, would you want to know more?”
    • You could say how you love the taste of your shakes you have every morning.
    • You could say how much fun you had spending the weekend with your friends at an event.
  3. Inspiration:
    • This is when you post something inspirational, encouraging, thankful or grateful.
    • This could be quotes from other leaders.
    • Image quotes are great too.
    • Could be just how you’re doing something every day.
    • Could be how grateful you are to be alive.
  4. Results:
    • This is when you post about your results or results of others.
    • Could be a screen shot of your inbox with leads.
    • Could be a screen shot of how many messages you have in Facebook.
    • Could be a rank advancement of one of your friends.
    • Could be a graph showing how many likes you have on your page.
  5. Promotion:
    • This is when you are offering something like a product or opportunity.
    • Could be something like “I’m looking for leaders, are you one?”
    • Or a course you are selling.
    • Or a product you are an affiliate for.
    • Depending on what else you post, this may include a free PDF – promotion is not always about paying for something.

Step 3: Complete your challenge

The challenge is to choose 1 type of post, create and post it to your profile and then share it to the group.

You should also have joined another 5 groups and liked another 5 pages related to your target market as learned in Day 2 training – feel free to share which groups and pages in our group as well if you wish.

Step 4: Go to the group

Go to the group to share your thoughts, ask any other questions and post your completed challenge. In this case, share your post from your profile that you posted. Share it in the group and say something like “Day 3 done, this is my X post” (where X is the type of post).

Also, as you did yesterday, please take a minute to look at other people’s posts in our group to like and comment on them – this community is for you and your encouragement to someone else may make their day.

Step 5: Go back to messenger

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