How to Do Attraction Marketing on Facebook?

It’s a different way of putting it right? How to “do” attraction marketing on Facebook…

Part of the reason I called this post by that name is because of SEO strategies.

This is definitely part of Attraction Marketing but not Facebook related, so we won’t get into that here.

We’re here to talk about Facebook and how to use Attraction Marketing with that platform.

What is Attraction Marketing?

If you don’t already know what Attraction Marketing is, here’s a really simple definition:

Attraction Marketing is the process to get people to notice you and buy from you.

Pretty simple right?

Not always so easy to implement unless you have plenty of money to run ads everywhere.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have millions to spend on ads, so we’ll talk about using organic strategies instead.

What does Organic mean?

In marketing, Organic refers to anything that isn’t based on advertising cost but rather natural human interaction.

That could be like you telling your friends about a great movie or a great restaurant.

They would be organically attracted to go to that restaurant or watch that movie.

Referrals are another way that we build sales organically.

On social media like Facebook, that means posting and people commenting on your post and sharing it with others to eventually them buying from you.

Of course, I’m over simplifying, but that’s what organic marketing is about.

How do you use Attraction Marketing on Facebook?

Once you understand the basics of organic marketing, it becomes pretty clear what you must do.

It’s as simple as this:

  1. Post
  2. Engage
  3. Connect

Of course, each of those steps requires a bigger understanding than just posting images of babies and cats.

So, there’s two things you really need to do Attraction Marketing on Facebook: a foundation and some preparation.

What is the required Foundation?

Just like anything in life, if there’s not a solid foundation, not matter how good you are, it will eventually crumble.

Since I’m sure you don’t want it to crumble, you’ll need this as your foundation to Do Attraction Marketing on Facebook.

  1. Know your why, your vision, your goals to build a plan.
  2. Know your offer (not your product) but what they get from it.
  3. Know your avatar, target market and your audience.

Without a why, it’s really hard to do anything – you need to know why you’re doing something.

Your vision is how you see your future – imagine your best day in 10, 20 or 30 years from now.

With your why and vision, you can then set some goals and put a plan together.

Lastly, before creating any content, you’ll need to clearly define your offer and your avatar.

Your offer is what they get out of buying your product – it’s not about the ingredients or how environmentally safe it is.

You can get my eBook on the Top 10 questions to clearly define YOUR avatar at

If you prepare your foundation right, you’ll be able to really create great content that your audience is actually interested in!

What are the preparations you need on Facebook?

Now that you have a good foundation, you need a good home for people to visit.

On Facebook, that’s your profile.

As you post, people will eventually come visit your profile to see what you’re about.

This is why you need to do the following:

  • Setup your account.
  • Have a proper profile picture.
  • Have a proper cover photo.
  • Have a proper BIO.

Each of these items are very important otherwise people will get a bad first impression and you don’t want that even if you do the daily actions perfectly!

What are the daily actions on Facebook?

To properly do Attraction Marketing on Facebook, you’ll need to do these actions every day:

  1. Post relevant content (that your avatar will be interested in).
  2. Engage on other people’s posts – preferably your target market.
  3. Reply to other people’s comments on your posts.

Each of these activities will allow your avatar to notice you and eventually buy from you.

That’s because humans automatically are attracted to things they are exposed to regularly, this is why advertising works.

On Facebook, unless you spend on advertising, people won’t even see your posts unless you are also active on the platform.

Those last 2 steps server 2 purposes: first, they get you seen more and second, it makes Facebook algorithm happy so they share your posts too.

How to get people to notice you and buy from you?

The most important thing is to get noticed.

If no one sees you, then they will never like or trust you and so will never buy from you.

To do that, you must follow these important steps:

  1. Post often enough (like 1-7 times a week)
  2. Comment on other peoples post enough so they start to like you.
  3. Go back to same people every week (I use 6 days

They must first trust you to buy from you and that happens only 1 way:

They must be exposed to you enough times within enough frequency over a good period (weeks or months) and they must like you.

The cool thing is that people on Facebook will automatically like you if you post kind comments and engage on their posts – that’s why they are posting – so others comment on their posts.

The only difficulty in doing this at any scale is tracking it.

How do you keep track of all this activity?

I do it using the software Active Group Users and you can too (learn how at

With it, you know exactly how many times you’ve comments on someone’s posts and how long ago you did.

Imagine knowing when a lead is receptive to you?

Sure, I know, Attraction Marketing promises people will just buy from you without ever talking to you but that will only happen after you get some sales.

It’s a chicken-n-egg problem – how do you get sales to people you never talk to if you need to first get sales before that will happen?

Unfortunately for us introverts, there’s no way around it, you have to talk to people to get those first few sales!

That’s why leaders tell you to send message to random people and, if you tried, you know results are pretty low on that activity.

Since you must contact people and have conversations to get those first few sales, why not reach out to people who already know, like and trust you?

That’s what you get by using the software Active Group Users because it tracks for you how likely they are to know you so that when you do reach out to them, they actually reply and don’t ignore you.


As you can see, the steps to do Attraction Marketing on Facebook aren’t that complcated.

Unfortunately, they aren’t nothing either, so you do need to prepare properly and take those actions.

Eventually people do know, like and trust you but it takes time and random actions on random posts make it hard for you to be in control.

By using the software Active Group Users, you get to take control and know when it’s time to reach out to those fans of yours.

Watch the video to get a better perspective on what I outlined here.

And don’t forget to share with your friends, they will definitely love you for it and so will I!

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