My Conversio Bot

My Conversio Bot

If you are an online marketer and are looking for an amazing way to increase your leads and get more people to join your list, you’ll love this.

I’ve just found an awesome new tool called ConversioBot and it’s a automated chat bot that you can add to any website!

You’ll see it right on this page on bottom left.

You can click it to see how it works.

I can help you set it up

Obviously if you buy the software with my affiliate link, I’ll help you as best I can for free.

If not, I can certainly still help you and always love to help my fans. I just might need to charge a little for my time.

We can do a Zoom session or you can grant me access to your account and I can set it up for you.

All I need to know if what your goals are.

Best thing would be for you to watch my videos on my experience with ConversioBot by simply going to the blog category MyConversioBot at

Here’s more information on it

I’ve also added an exit action one as well which will show up if you mouse away from the page.

Pretty nifty, right?

I’ve been creating videos and blog posts to show how to use it and set it up as well.

You can find them all by clicking here.

As always, let me know if you have any questions.

You can contact me by clicking here and connecting on any social media platform or just email me.