Why Should you use Active Group Users software?

It’s always important to know why you should be using a software and AGU is no exception.

If you want to learn more about AGU (or Active Group Users) software, go check it out at https://ActiveGroupUsers.com but first why should you use it?

I usually answer the questions at the end of my blog post, but in this case, you get the answers now:

  1. To drastically reduce your time on Facebook!
  2. To know where you stand with every single lead you have on Facebook!

Aren’t those great reasons to use Active Group Users software?

Let’s first make sure we are on the same page though…

What must you do on Facebook to build a business?

Unless you’ve got millions to spend on advertising, you’re going to be doing the same thing every leader tells you to do.

I’m not different, you need to do these things, it’s just how Facebook works.

  1. You’ll post regularly, daily or even more – Facebook wants you to.
  2. You’ll engage on other people’s posts – Facebook will not show your stuff to others if you don’t.
  3. You’ll reply to other people’s comments on your posts – Facebook wants that too.

Given that leaders tell you to do this and that Facebook uses a reciprocal algorithm, you’ll be doing those activities.

The danger is that you’ll start spending as much time as you can because we all know it’s a numbers game.

Pretty soon, you’re spending 4, 6 or more hours per day on Facebook news feed, commenting on everyone’s posts!

So, back to why you’d want to use Active Group Users software

Reason #1: To drastically reduce your time on Facebook!

As you must have realized yourself, it’s really easy to spend almost all your free time on the Facebook news feed, not to mention going into groups.

Speaking of groups, that’s the next best place to find your target market, right?

So, how does Active Group Users software help you drastically reduce your time on Facebook?

Well, I spend about 30 minutes a day on Facebook, not hours!

If you’re thinking that 30 minutes a day won’t get you any results. I understand but bear with me and you’ll see why that gives you even more results.

Reason #2: To know where you stand with every single lead you have on Facebook

Leaders will tell you to connect with leads to get sales.

They say, look at people’s profile, send them a PM based on things you see on there and a friend request.

That certainly is a logical process and does give you results if you send enough PMs.

Let me ask you this though: how many of those turn into sales or even reply?

Not a lot right? If you get a sale per 100 PMs you send, you’re probably doing amazing!

With Active Group Users software, you can literally skyrocket your results (sales) to insane results by comparision!

Why? Because you don’t send a PM to anyone unless they already know, like and trust you!

You will know how every lead you’ve been following on Facebook stands with you.

How can you know where a lead stands with you?

Before I can answer that, let me explain a few things.

You probably already know that the number of exposures is directly related to how someone feels about you.

If not, let me clarify… an exposure is like getting reminded of something, it can be an ad reminding you that you like this car or drink and makes you want it after enough times seeing that ad.

Or it can be seeing your profile picture on Facebook in a comment on their posts or a notification.

Each time they see your profile picture or your name in their post comments, they are exposed to you.

It’s not an exact science but one thing that’s for sure is that people automatically will go from not knowing you, to knowing you, to liking you and lastly trusting you as they are exposed more.

Because of this, almost, science, you can use Active Group Users software to know how many exposures a lead has had because the software knows how many comments you’ve made on their posts.

With that information, you can choose to automatically change a prospect’s temperature so they become hot after you’ve commented on 10 or 20 of their posts.

This is how you know where they stand.

How is 30 minutes a day enough?

The very basic thing that Active Group Users software does is give you the list of people who are posting and commenting in the groups you ask it to.

You then use that list to choose who’s posts you should comment on.

If you use that list every day (instead of randomly scrolling though the feed), you can make sure you’re visiting different people every day and return to them every week (of whatever number of days you want)

Because you are controlling who you are engaging with, you are also controlling that they are seeing your profile picture regularly to become hot leads.

Imagine doing it this way for the next 6 months or longer, you’d have hundreds of hot leads you could connect with!

None of them would ignore you and you’d have a real good chance to really get into a good conversation with them!


Wouldn’t it be amazing to get same results or better with just 30 minutes a day on Facebook engagements?

I know this is hard to believe, but you literally could 10x or even 100x your result with Active Group Users software!

Imagine have 100 leads a month that will actually respond to you and have conversations because they already know, like and trust you!

Wouldn’t that get you more sales and signups?

Check out the video to go more in depth on this topic!

And don’t forget to share with your marketer friends, they want to know this too!

P.S. You can get your own affiliate link to Active Group Users software and get up to 50% monthly recurring commissions too!

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