What are Top 10 BEST Ways to Grow YOUR Facebook Audience?

We all want to grow our audience because that’s where sales comes from.

But be careful of the methods you use as many of those will harm you more than anything.

You wouldn’t want your Facebook page to get deleted, would you?

I remember using a strategy to grow my Facebook page by over 8000 likes in a day!

If was contagious, I grew my page to 23000 likes in a few days but then it happened!

My page was unpublished by Facebook due to “policy violations”! I was furious!

What did I do when I lost my page with 23,000 likes on it?

I did what any other marketer would do, I explained to Facebook that I didn’t violate any rules.

I told them I created ads and got likes from those ads and there was nothing wrong with that.

They didn’t care, they said they couldn’t re-instate it – then they deleted my page!

In hindsight, I know what I did that they considered wrong and if I was in their shoes I’d probably agree.

The thing is that Facebook never tells you what the actual rules are, you can only learn them with experience (even they change all the time).

What did I do to loose that page with 23,000 likes?

In my case, I had done an “engagement ad” with an image that said something like “Entrepreneurs are amazing – like if you agree” which got me likes at less than a penny each.

That, is something they consider “misleading advertising” and of course, you could argue that they prefer you paying $3 per like over 1c per like but you’d be missing the point.

You see, I did it again with another page (to 18,000 likes) and lost that page too but I realized something else.

Those likes are NOT my fans – they are just random people who liked that image and they have no interest in my brand, my products or my posts.

Not only are those kinds of “fans” useless to get sales, but they cause damage to your page post reach.

What are the better ways to get fans?

If you don’t want to get stuck in the problems I’ve had, you will want to do these strategies instead.

The Top 10 BEST Ways to Grow YOUR Facebook Audience are really the best because they not only work, but they are “Facebook approved”!

The 10 ways are:

  1. Post content that your audience is interested in.
  2. Comment on your audience’s posts.
  3. Reply to the comments on your posts.
  4. Join groups that your target market is in.
  5. Follow followers of your audience’s leaders.
  6. Comment on posts of your audience’s leaders.
  7. Find the people who are actually active in groups your audience is in.
  8. Track your activity so you are always in their notifications.
  9. Have a profile that clearly tells them what you’re about.
  10. Use Active Group Users software to stop wasting your time in the news feed.

I get into all this a lot in the video, so make sure to watch that video.

Before you post anything, setup your foundation.

Those first 3 ways are the basics of social media, what everyone tells you to do on Facebook.

For good reason, those 3 activities, done consistently over time, will grow you audience.

Will it though?

Only if you have the right foundation!

Your foundation is your profile, your offer and your avatar.

Without setting those up and defining them properly you won’t post content that attracts the customers you are expecting.

Learn about those foundations in my other blog posts – just check out the categories like Attraction Marketing, Active Group Users, Facebook or many others – scroll this page to see the list.

Leverage software to help with meticulous tasks

You’ll notice the last item on the list talks about using Active Group Users software.

You can learn more about AGU at https://ActiveGroupUsers.com/

Without that software, you’ll need to do items #7 and #8 yourself and I bet you can just imagine how much work that would be.

What it gives you as well is the ability to choose who’s posts you comment on instead of just using the news feed.

You see, Facebook wants you to use the newsfeed because they control it and that’s where all the ads are.


I could go into all this so much more but I’ll let you watch the video.

As for the software, you can try it out for free with a 14 day trial.

Hope you love it and it really helps you to focus and take the right actions to grow your fans with really active and interested fans.

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