Day 5 – Conversations – Facebook FREE 5 Day Challenge to your first leads

Welcome to the last day of the 5 day challenge and training where you will get your first few leads and learn how to control a conversation.

BTW, if you found this page and would like access to the other pages, you can join the challenge for free by clicking this link.

Step 1: Watch the video

BTW, Tarla Makaeff accepted the friend request I sent her in this video  – she’s awesome and has a great (free) Instagram training PDF you can get from her blog and has a killer email list indoctrination sequence! (the first few emails you get when you join a list to get to know them) – Check Tarla’s blog here and Facebook page here. Tell her I sent you her way.

Step 2: Read the notes

Have conversations with your new leads.

By you commenting, liking, sharing, joining groups and liking pages, you will start to have people liking and commenting on your stuff.

You will check out the profiles of those who do that… and send them private messages and friend requests.

Then, you can have a conversation with them.

To be fair, that’s not what many refer to as “leads” but in the new age of social media, it really is a lead… but before, it was considered a lead if they were in your email list… you don’t have one yet (at least, I didn’t teach you about that yet), so we are using the term “lead” to mean someone you are having a conversation with on Facebook.

The conversation starts with a comment about something on their page that you can relate to and make a reference to finding their comment on page X or in group Y… then you add “PS sent you friend request” and then send them also a friend request. I send the message before sending the friend request but I don’t know if it makes a difference.

Not everyone will reply, bu once they reply is when you have a conversation – they have become a lead!

Control the conversation!

That means that each time you say something, you must be asking them a question and to relate, you must also tell them your response to that same question.

For example, if you see they are in a network marketing company, you might say something like “I see you’re with X – how long have you been with them?” and you add “I’ve been with Y for Z years and love it”

If they ask you a question, don’t be too excited – it’s a trap LOL – you must give a short and honest answer and then ask them another question… you can’t have verbal diarrhea and tell them everything you want to… remember, people like people who are interested in them.

If you remember that your goal in the conversation is to make a friend (and not selling them something), it will be super easy to have a conversation… listen carefully as they tell you their problems, fears and desires… after which (and only if your solution is for one of their problems, fears or desires) you can offer to send them your link.

In a future training, I will cover how to transition to offering your product, sending them a link or asking them to join your biz.


Don’t ever send a link if they didn’t ask for it… and if it doesn’t solve a problem they said they had.

Step 3: Complete your challenge

The challenge is to have at least 5 conversations (or 10 probably fine but remember that you have to pace yourself as Facebook will block your messenger if you try to send too many messages too fast). You can probably have more if you do 5 in the morning, 5 at lunch time, 5 at super time and 5 more at bed time for example… just pace yourself.

You should also have joined another 5 groups and liked another 5 pages related to your target market as learned in Day 2 training – feel free to share which groups and pages in our group as well if you wish.

You should also have created a new post for the day of a type not done yet as learned in Day 3 training – feel free to share that in our group as well if you wish.

You should also have liked, commented of 5 of your friends posts and shared 1 of your friends posts. You should also have done that in pages and groups as you leaned in Day 4 training – feel free to share that in our group as well if you wish

Step 4: Go to the group

Go to the group to share your thoughts, ask any other questions and post your completed challenge. In this case, something like “Day 5 done! I have X leads and have Y new friends” (remember, leads are people you’ve had a conversation with that are in your target market).

Also, as you did yesterday, please take a minute to look at other people’s posts in the group to like and comment on them – this community is for you and your encouragement to someone else may make their day.

Step 5: Go back to messenger

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