Challenges On Fire – Use ManyChat to automate Facebook Challenges

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If you have not seen the webinar, you can register for next live or view replay here.

I am preparing a new advanced ManyChat course which will allow you to setup a Facebook challenge on auto pilot with tracking, flows and multiple sequences.

It will be done live and then the recording will be converted to an online course with multiple easy to do modules.

You can order it here while it is on special pre-launch price of $97.00

The course will contain these modules:

Beginner modules

  1. How to create a Facebook Fan page
  2. How to activate ManyChat on your Fan Page
  3. Walk through of settings in ManyChat
  4. How to use Audience & Live Chat in ManyChat

The 10 modules for each step in the free webinar

Click here to register to attend the next one (or access the replay).

  1. Define your challenge and each step
  2. Create Facebook group to provide engagement
  3. Produce the content for each step
  4. Create ManyChat sequence
  5. Setup ManyChat Welcome message
  6. Setup ManyChat Default reply
  7. Setup ManyChat keywords
  8. Create Facebook post to invite people to challenge
  9. Setup ManyChat growth tool
  10. Promote your challenge

Modules 15 to 24 will be Advanced modules

The list of advanced modules is subject to change – please attend a webinar to ask what topics you’d like covered.

  • What are flows and using the flow editor
  • What is the Live Chat and how to use it best
  • How to use tags
  • How to setup multiple sequences
  • How to use counters
  • How to setup a landing page
  • How to setup an overlay widget
  • How to create a broadcast message
  • How to use Rules
  • Example setup for a clothing web site

Bonus modules by co-authors and top leading marketers

There will be 3 to 5 of these modules, each with a topic specific to the author

You can order it here while it is on special pre-launch price of $97.00

P.S. You can learn about ManyChat setup services here.

P.P.S. You can get my Free eBook:

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