Facebook 5 Day Challenge to get your First Leads – Introduction

Welcome to the 5 Day Challenge

BTW, if you found this page and have not joined the FREE challenge yet, you can join the challenge for free by clicking this link.

I am excited to help you along this journey to grow your Online Empire.  You may or may not know, but I’m the creator of Simple Online Strategies, or the Master of Simple and I’ve been building an online business myself since 2015.

The journey which I will take you on in the next 5 days is one that took me many many months to do – not because it was harder back then, but only because I made many mistakes.

How does it work?

I used to do challenges like this in Facebook groups but because of how Facebook manages engagement, I found that many people never even saw the posts in the group and it was hard to work around those issues, so after learning from good friends of mine, Todd & Leah Rae Getts, about using a messenger bot to deliver the content, I was blown away by the idea.

I know it’s a little less personal, but at least you’ll get ALL the content.

The personal touch will still happen in the support group, but there is no more 5 day challenge group.

Get Started Now

To get started, you need to visit this link which will take you to your Facebook messenger and click on the START CHALLENGE button there.

Here’s to your success!