Jean-Serge Gagnon Mastermind group

What does it mean to be part of a mastermind?

It’s being included in learning from others who have knowledge you seek.

I started this group a long time ago wanting to deliver premium content to those who were actually interested in what I had to share.

I have also been sharing all my content so it’s easy to find.

The group isn’t free but you get access to it if you buy the Simple Online Strategies course, become a coaching client or subscribe to the Mastermind program.

Select from below to get started

  1. Go check out the Simple Online Strategies course here.
  2. Find out more about my coaching programs here.
  3. Join my mastermind group either with a monthly subscription or lifetime access. Not sure how long lifetime access will be available though.
    • Get LIFETIME ACCESS to the mastermind group forĀ $250 $127 (for a limited time).
    • Subscribe for $10/month $7.50/month and if you subscribe at that price, when it goes up, you’ll keep paying the lower price.
    • (this will go to PayPal to send payment to “Online Course Repo”)

Looking forward to having you in the group.