How to start a Business Online in 2020?

Is it any different now than before?

You betcha!

This are completely different now!

For one, there’s this whole “stay home” and “social distancing” thing going on…

This affects lots of things when you are considering starting a business online in 2020.

The online business basics

Regardless of the covid-19 or Corona virus social distancing and remote work differences, there are basics that still apply.

Starting a business today is pretty much the same as if you had started it in 2019.

You still really need to implement social media strategies.

You still need to practice relationship building.

You still need to use attraction marketing techniques.

You still must learn the know, like & trust process.

You need to get fans

I’m not talking about the rotating kind 🙂

When I say fans, I mean people who really like you.

People who were strangers and now love your stuff…

They follow you on social media…

They like, comment on and share your stuff.


How do you get fans?

It’s not that complicated to get fans…

Yet, it’s not that easy either…

But, it IS simple!

Just do these 3 things:

1- Create social media accounts with same profile picture, same cover photo, same user ID and same BIO.

2- Start posting to one or more social accounts regularly – value based content that your audience would be interested in.

3- Build relationships with those that like, comment on and share your stuff.

It may be simple… but not easy

So, if it’s simple, everybody can do it, right?

Not exactly… it may be simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy…

I could go on and on here but I’ll just suggest you take a look at my eBook.

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What about leads?

You might have heard about getting leads.

What does that mean anyway you ask?

Well, it can mean a few different things, like friends on Facebook or connections in LinkedIn but most people mean email addresses.

In the online world, friends and connections in social media platforms are great, but they are only as good as long as you have an account on those platforms.

Once you grow to 10s of thousands or 100 thousand plus fans, you can’t manage that without a whole team.

Plus if you loose your account, you’re in big trouble.

This is where email lists come in… or auto responders.

Any email addresses you get are yours to keep (of course follow rules for that too, like people who unsubscribe should not be emailed)

How do you grow email list?

There are lots of ways of course.

What I’ve been using is My Lead System PRO.

If you want the video, I show you how I use it.

It’s really quite amazing to have access to all the features of that platform.

Check out this explanation by going to

Hope this helps and as always, please share if you know someone this could help.

I’d be excited to help you reach your goals too. Feel free to contact me… let’s have a conversation.

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