What is an auto-responder? Plus aWeber demo!

If you don’t know what an auto-responder is, you’re not the only one.

I’m sure you’ve heard lots of times how you need to be using an auto responder if you are building a business online.

You probably heard how you need to be building an email list too!

They are pretty much one in the same…

What’s the difference between email list and auto responder?

Good question. aWeber is an example of an auto responder.

Basically, you can’t really do much with an email list if you don’t have an auto responder.

The email list is just the list of emails you have accumulated.

It’s your subscribers…

The emails you got from people entering their name and emails in a page online.

It’s also what is referred to as your leads.

The auto responder is the tool you use to send them emails.

Why aWeber?

There are literally tons of email list managers out there.

I could talk about GetResponse, MailChimp, SendGrid, InfusionSoft (now Keap) or any number of others but since I’ve been using aWeber, that’s what I can talk about.

Of course, the cool thing is they also have an amazing affiliate program (I’d love to have you as a referral of course – just register your free 14 day trial here)

I’m not sure what benefits all the other platforms out there have, but for me aWeber is great.

I can create any number of email lists.

I can create landing pages

I can create sign up forms

I can setup a follow up series

I can send out email broadcasts

I can even use tags and campaigns!

What are landing pages?

A landing page is a web site page that people will see if they want information about your list.

It’s a page you can setup any way you’d like but the idea is to show information about your list.

You can have any number of landing pages per list.

What are sign up forms?

A sign up form is a web page or popup you can add to your web site that includes a form to enter their email.

Once they enter their email (you can also ask for name, phone number or other details), they get subscribed to your list.

You can have multiple types of sign up forms… multiple ones per list as well.

What is a follow up series?

The follow up series is a list of emails your new subscriber will get when they first join your list.

It’s a series of 1 (yes you can have a single email) or more emails they get one a day.

The first one gets sent as soon as they subscribe.

The rest can be sent 1 or more days apart.

What is an email broadcast?

A broadcast is an email you send out at a specific day and time.

It’s a one time email you send out.

You can choose who it goes to based on lists, tags or specific search query.

What are tags?

A tag is an identifier you assign to a subscriber.

For example, you can tag someone with “bought course” or “watch video” or “visited landing page”

Then you can trigger actions in campaigns based on the creation or removal of those tags.

What are campaigns?

A campaign is an orchestrated set of actions to take based on events that occur.

Sounds more complicated than it is.

You can have your new subscriber get an email… then 5 hours later an other… and if they click on a link in an email, send them a specific email, etc..

It’s quite powerful.

Need help?

Make sure to watch the video for more details of all this.

If all this is too much for you, let me know, I can help.

Maybe you just don’t have time to set this all up…

Maybe you don’t like to setup software…

Either way, I can help… just email or message me on any social platform you can find me on (check contact me page)


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