Results from TikTok growth hack test

A week ago, I did a TikTok test.

I followed a suggestion from Jeff Couret on TikTok

He said to post 20 videos in 1 day… with 30 minutes between them, 

So, I thought, why not give it a try and see?

How I created 20+ videos to post

I probably should have taken the time to create some better videos for my audience.

Like do tips and record them all separately… put them in drafts and post them at the appointed times.

But, being the automation fool I am, I decided to take the episode that I talk about growing your business on TikTok (click to go to blog post) and split it up in 1 minute pieces.

As you probably know, TikTok allows you to upload unto 60 second videos.

So I took my 34+ minute video and split it into 35 parts (I used ffmpeg with a script and it took 2 minutes – literally)

How I posted them

I started by posting the first video and labeled it part 1 How to Grow your Biz on TikTok

After 30 minutes, I posted the next one, until the part 35 was posted the next day.

I added hashtags based on my niche… and in some of the videos I added music. The one with music did better.

What are the results?

In the video I show the results but here’s a glimpse (click image to see details)

I basically screen shoted my TikTok account to capture every half hour to capture views over time.

Then I created this spread sheet to show results.

Some things aren’t included like if there was music in video or not…

But one thing is for sure, the results were not what I was hoping for.

Hard to say if it’s because my account is still small, of it’s really just because I did a crappy job on the actual content to post.

I guess we’ll never know, but I learned lots.

Go watch video to learn more about this.

Please share as I’m sure your friends want to know too.

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