How to use TikTok filters and effects?

One of the great things about TikTok is it’s video editor.

You can really do a lot of cool things in the TikTok video editor.

Whether you upload a video or you record one in the app.

I use an Android phone so, what I show you might be slightly different on an iPhone.

I’ve also noticed differences depending on your phone too and some TikTokers sometimes talk about features I don’t have.

How to upload video

To upload a video to TikTok, you will want to click the little + at the bottom middle of the screen.

Next, you will tap the Upload icon on the buttom right.

This will bring up your video gallery fo you to choose a video.

Note that you can upload only up to 60 seconds, so if you choose a video longer than that, you will have the option of selecting which part you want to keep.

Also, you can select multiple shorter videos and stich them together up to 60 seconds.

Once you have uploaded the video, the editor loads up.

How apply effects to video

At the bottom, you will see the Effects icon – tap that to get a list of effects.

Keep in mind that these effets can be applied after recording or after uploading.

There are a few different categories like Transition, Visual or Time.

Each has a series of effects you can apply to any portion of your video.

Just tap and hold your finger on the effect you want and it will be applied to that part of the video

You can always move to another part of video by dragging the pointer or just playing it.

Pre-recording effects and filters

Instead of uploading, if you record a video in the app, you can apply effects and filters during recording.

These effects and different than the post recording ones and there are a lot (I mean a lot!) more.

You can add then as favorites as well to find them faster.

Effects can do things like add crazy eyes, mirror the screen, show pretend broken glass or put a picture in the background.

Filters on the other hand are color, hue and contrast adjustments among other things.

Each of these can be found by clicking the effects or filters icons.

Finalizing your video

After recording, you will want to upload your video.

Click the final “Next” button, add a description or a question to create engagement and then some hashtags and possibly tag someone.

You can then choose if others can share your video with Duets, Reacts and Stiches, if they can download it or add comments.

I recommend enabling all that, especially if you are trying to build a business online.

Don’t forget to watch the video as I show all this in details.

Share so your friends can see this too.

Always appreciate you, thanks for reading.

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