Free Course Hosting solutions for 2020

Are you looking for a way to host your online course without paying a monthly fee on a hosting platform?

There are many ways you can do this.

I know, I know, they say if you pay, you’re more likely to work harder at generating income to eliminate the cost, right?

Well, I tend to think that statement is propagated by those who make money from your monthly payments.

That’s why I build all my solutions with a free forever option.

What can you use to host your course for free?

The simplest way to host an online course for free is to use social media platforms.

For example, you could use:

  • YouTube with playlists
  • Facebook groups
  • WordPress page

Or an online course hosting service that allows for free hosting.

How to use YouTube playlist to host your course for free?

If you have a YouTube account and a channel, you will want to upload your videos there.

You can then create a playlist with the videos in your course to organize them in the sequence you want your students to watch them in.

You can add text to the description of each video to explain the lesson and any tasks ou want your students to accomplish.

The drawback with this method is that your students can’t keep track of what they watched and you can’t know how many students took the course or how much of it they completed.

You also never know if your account will be banned or deleted.

Using Facebook groups to host your course for free

The cool thing about Facebook is that you can create a group for your course.

In that group, you can them upload your videos and set them up as units to clearly indicate the sequence to your students.

They can also comment, ask questions and answer others if you allow it.

You can use the group to have them post their results and have the students engage with others.

Facebook is really great but you can’t tell how much of your students have taken the units or how much they have completed.

You also can’t be sure your group will be deleted or even your account.

Students can’t keep track of where they are either.

WordPress page to host an online course for free

Another option is to use a free WordPress hosting service and create a page on that WordPress site.

You’ll need to host the videos elsewhere, such as on YouTube but creating a page allows you to organize the lessons much better.

The cool thing about WordPress is that it’s very customizable and depending on the platform you use to host it, you might be able to setup any theme you want and plugins – it’s almost unlimited.

Once again though, you won’t know how many of your students actually started the course or how far they made it.

On the plus side, you can easily backup your content so that even if the hosting company shuts down or closes your account, you’d be able to host it elsewhere.

The free option with Click eCourse hosting platform

Last in the options here is a hosting platform I created called Click eCourse.

With Click eCourse, you can actually host, for free, your online course.

As with WordPress, you’ll need to host the videos on YouTube (or Facebook public video or Vimeo) but they will be organized so that your students can keep track of where they are in the course.

They can even switch to another device, for example, they can start the course on their phone and continue it on their laptop or tablet.

The site will remember that they watched the first lesson and the first 5 minute 12 seconds of the second lesson.

You will also be able to know exactly how many students have signed up (or bought) your course and how much of it they’ve completed.


Yes, of course I’d love you to use Click eCourse to host your course for free but you can certainly use YouTube, Facebook or WordPress to host them.

I did that in the beginning too.

Don’t forget to watch the video as I show you more details of how to do all this.

As always, please share. Your friends are looking for this.

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