Optimizing WordPress for SEO and Creating First Blog Post!

Have you been wondering how you could be Optimizing WordPress for SEO?

That’s right, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization

It’s almost a science in itself and things change often but there is lots that doesn’t.

What can you do when Optimizing WordPress for SEO?

There are a number of things you can do to optimize your WordPress blogs.

You should:

  • Find a good keyword
  • Use the keyword in your blog title
  • Use the keyword in your file names
  • Use the keyword in your blog url
  • Use the keyword in 3-4 places in your blog post
  • Use a tool such as YOAST SEO to verify your blog post

I show you what I mean by all this in the video above.

Finding a good keyword

When Optimizing WordPress for SEO the first thing you’ll want to do it actually use a good keyword.

First, let’s explain what a keyword is.

I used to think it meant a word, a single word in your text like “wordpress” or “optimizing” or “explain”.

I eventually learned that it’s really a “key phrase” and contains as many words as you want.

In the world of search engines, the keyword is what people search for.

Such as “Optimizing WordPress for SEO” or “Optimizing Blog for SEO” or “Optimizing WordPress for SEO and blogging in 2020”

All those are keywords.

So, the easiest way to find a good keyword is to tart typing your search in Google and see what shows up in the pull down list.

Using the keyword in your blog

After choosing the right keyword for your blog the next thing when Optimizing WordPress for SEO is to use it.

You should have that keyword in your blog title.

The other place to include the keyword in in the heading of your blog post.

Finally, you’ll want to put in in the body text in a few places like I did in this blog post.

The file names should also have keyword

If you are going to include a video on YouTube or an image in your blog post they should also have the keyword in their names.

Even though a user will never see the file name used to upload the video to YouTube (they only see the link), the search engine uses it.

For your WordPress site, you’ll want to make sure you set the permalink option to post name.

Make sure to use your keyword in any of the files you upload such as images in your blog post.

One tool you can use in WordPress

One of the tools I use is a plugin called YOAST SEO

Just go to your WordPress Plugins menu and add it.

It allows you to see how good you are doing in your blog post so your are really Optimizing WordPress for SEO properly.

It will tell you if your blog is using the keyword often enough.

If your wording is good and lots more.


It’s not too complicated to optimize your blog for SEO.

If you are using a course hosting site, you might want to check on their SEO implementations too.

For example, on Click eCourse, we set the course url to contain the title in it as well as individual lessons to help SEO for your course.

Hope this helped and as always please share as many of your entrepreneur friends need to see this too.

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