You need to have a tribe before you can make money

On the weekend I had a great call with a new friend I met online.

He helps entrepreneurs scale their online business.

We had a great talk and one thing that came out of it was that I needed to be more specific with my messages.

So, this is me being more specific.

Course Income Secrets should be about secrets to generating course income.

Today, it’s that you need to have a tribe before you can make money

What does having a tribe mean?

Maybe you’re wondering what I mean by tribe.

I don’t mean becoming a chief in a primitive culture when everyone looks to you for answers.

Although, that is partly true.

In the online world of social media, that means having fans and followers.

But it’s much more than that.

Why do you need a tribe?

The main reason you’ll need and want a tribe is because it will help you to create your messages.

Your tribe is the people who resonate with you and your message.

It’s the people who you can help because of that.

It’s not about taking advantage of them, but giving them what they want most: understanding, compassion and help.

If you don’t have a tribe, you don’t have anyone to help.

How to get a tribe?

The next question is then how to get a tribe?

I mean, how do you actually build one?

In the online world, the social media world, it’s really no different than the real world.

How would you build a tribe if you were a chief in a village?

You know that those chiefs don’t become chiefs by accident.

They earn the respect and admiration of their tribe.

You need to to do the same, but how?

Social media tricks

In the social media world, you do this by creating content.

The best way is to create daily content.

Even better if it’s video.

Why do you think I do that every day?

Sure, once reason is to get noticed and eventually sell my stuff but I know it’s not going to last if I on’t earn the respect and admiration of others.

The Know, Like & Trust process

You need to post daily so people can see what you’re about.

Because there are so many people out there, you need to do it regularly and consistently for a long time.

The idea is so they get to know because that’s the only way they’ll even get to like and trust you.

It’s also the only way they’ll even become part of your tribe.

Increasing your chances of being seen

The next thing you really need to be doing is engaging on social media.

There is a rule of reciprocity that exists on the social media platforms.

Unfortunately, no one is immune to it and if you want to grow your fans and followers without spending tons of money on ads, you’ll need to spend your time engaging.

The rule is that you must take actions that you want others to take.

The social media platforms enforce this rule in very interesting ways.

From a universe perspective, like the law of attraction or quantum physics teaches us, you must give what you want to get more of it.

The platforms implement this by showing your stuff to others based on how much you deserve it, so to speak.

This is why we talk about liking, commenting and sharing other people’s stuff.


So, to grow your tribe, you need to be posting regularly and engaging on their stuff.

Pretty simple, right.

Unfortunately, it’s practically impossible to do it any other way, at least on social media.

Other methods, like advertising, even with some success, do not build the same level of know, like and trust factor.

Watch the video as I discuss this in more depth.

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