How to use your daily blog posts to send email broadcasts with aWeber?

It’s crazy when you think of everything you need to do to grow an online presence.

I know they say to start with just one platform until you get good at it but eventually, you want to be present elsewhere.

It’s like your email list – they say to email every day!

Then you need to post everywhere!

Crazy right?

What do leaders do?

It’s true you need to be careful and not compare yourself to others…

They say though that you should model what works, right?

So, if you’re trying to model what works, how do you know what that is?

You look at what leaders are doing.

It doesn’t mean you have to do it all right away, but you probably want to eventually get there.

Leaders post on all platforms every single day and they also email their lists every day.

How can you model them?

Well, one thing you can do is create a different post for each platform and an email for your list.

Say it takes you an hour per platform…

That will take you 10-12 hours a day, who has time for that?

I guess you could hire someone to do about half of it since you still need to be the driving creative in it all.

Why doesn’t this sound like something that makes sense?

Oh right, we still need to talk to prospects and make sales.

What if you reused content?

Imagine, spending all that time on content, you couldn’t even make a sale…

Let alone have a day job or spend time with family.

There is another way.

It might not be as perfect as content for each platform, but done right, you can use the same content everywhere.

One way is to reuse your blog for your email list

Using aWeber automation

You can add to your aWeber account a blog broadcast email.

That means writing your blog post and as soon as you publish is, aWeber grabs it and adds a new broadcast email.

Personally, I don’t use that but I do show you how to do it in the video.

What I do is use the syndication tool in Click eCourse to create text for every platform post I do, including email list, to make it easy to cut-n-paste.

Using Click eCourse syndication engine

The Click eCourse syndication engine lets you use a single video to create all the content you need for all platforms you post to.

Access the engine and create a free account to try it out at

With the syndication engine, you can decide what platforms you want content for.

You can also decide details of each piece of content, such as characters in the text and length of video.

For example, I have the engine extract a 5 minute video for Facebook, LinkedIn an Pinterest and a 2 minute video for Twitter.

I also have it create thumbnails for the videos as well as a GIF for my email list.

Scheduling broadcasts

Since I create a daily video and blog post, I could send that to my list on that same day.

However, I find that it’s not easy to be exactly precise on what time I post my daily videos.

For that reasons, I decided to delay my email broadcasts by a week.

That allows me to precisely schedule my emails at the same time every single day.

I can then send emails to my list without having to create new content.


Of course, you could create different content for all your posts and emails.

If you have the time (or the money to hire) to do it, you certainly could do that.

But, even then, why not leverage your content by using syndication?

Check out the video as I discuss this more.

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