How to generate more income with Click eCourse by promoting the platform?

One of the main reasons I created Click eCourse platform was to give back.

It might take a while for people to believe it and to start using it and generate income for themselves, but I think it will happen.

This might be the #1 reason to use Click eCourse over other course hosting platforms (get your free account at but it’s was #5 in my top 5 reasons to host your course on Click eCourse platforms.

How much can you make?

Well, first, before even saying anything about amount, I must say the legal mumbo jumbo.

I make no guarantee as to how much income you can generate from Click eCourse platform.

How much you can make depends on your efforts and as such can never be guaranteed.

Even if you take all the actions I explain in this page, it’s possible you would make no income.

So, let’s get to it.

No really, how much can you make?

Well, the most you can earn is 75% of what others are paying.

In other words, if you refer someone to the platform and they pay $150/m, then you could get as much as $112.50 every single month.

If they choose to pay the yearly fee (to save 2 months) of $1500, you’d get $1125!

That’s with one referral, with 10, it could be $1125/m, with 20, $2250/m, with 100 referrals, it could be $11,250/m!

Crazy right?

What’s the catch?

It seems there’s always a catch, right?

Especially when things seem too good to be true.

I’d be tempted to say there is no catch, but that might depend on your perspective.

Personally, I don’t think that having to work for it and realizing not everyone is going to stick around isn’t a catch.

But some might think it is…

So, the catch is you need to pay $150/m to earn those commissions.

I have to pay to earn?

Well, look at it this way.

If you refer just 2 people, you get your money back.

You pay $150 and you earn $225.

Anyone else you refer is a bonus, and it just keeps getting better.

You don’t need to pay to start

One of the cool things about the Click eCourse platform is that you can refer people as soon as you have an account and you’ve become an affiliate.

You won’t earn any income from your referrals until you upgrade your account but you can see what you’ll get as soon as you upgrade.

You will even be able to upgrade before payments are made.

You’ll actually have 30 days to upgrade.

So, if you refer 10 people in a month and you have a free plan, you’ll know that you’d make $1125 if you upgrade.

How do I start?

It’s pretty simple to get started.

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to and register your free account.
  2. Activate your affiliate link
  3. Share your link

Anyone who registers using your link will be your referral and you’ll get commissions from any of their payments they make.

You’re paid 30 days after they pay their monthly (or yearly) fees.


You can see a lot more about this by watching the video

I actually put together a data sheet to show you how the income works.

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