What is MLSP or My Lead System PRO and why should you want it?

I’ve been doing online marketing for over 5 years and I learned a lot since starting out.

Maybe you are starting out too and have the same thoughts I did back then.

I’ll be able to quit my job in 90 days!

I’m the exception – I’ll take the right actions faster than others!

Yeah, that’s what I thought to in the beginning.

How it all started for me!

I remember it well, in the summer of 2015 I had to take a job in Montreal, 12 hours away from my family.

My wife wanted to stay in PEI so we thought it was the only option we had.

Back then, I had been trying to build an MLM for years in the traditional way but I was excited to be going to “the big city”.

I’d surely find people out there more easily than in my little town I thought.

For a while, I worked it – talking to the new people I worked with, inviting them to the “Saturday training” and the “Wednesday business opportunity meeting”

It probably could have worked but I found it no easier and felt I didn’t want to go out and talk to strangers

Searching online for a solution

I started thinking there must be a better way.

So, I Googled it. Not sure exactly, but something like building your network marketing business online.

I’m sure there’s a bunch of stuff I found but eventually fell on videos by Tanya Alyza, Cesar Rodriguez, Diane Hochman, Ray Higdon and others.

I decided to take one of these leader offer of “free bootcamp” by giving them my email.

Then I started getting daily emails from them…

At the end, they asked me if I ever heard of MLSP.

Attraction Marketing at it’s best

This is what Attraction Marketing is all about.

You post content that your target market is going to love.

You offer them something for free that they’ll want.

You give them amazing value in this free content and wow them so they want to buy your stuff after.

This is exactly what they did to me.

I wanted to know what MLSP was because they said it’s what they used to learn everything they knew about attraction marketing.

Of course, they didn’t say it like that (another thing you learn is called copywriting) but in words I understood.

What is MLSP?

So why would you care to learn about MLSP?

For one thing, it’s the platform that produced hundreds of the leaders you see today making 6 and 7 figure income online.

They all became what they are today because of what they learned with MLSP.

MLSP stands for My Lead System PRO.

It’s a platform that includes all the tools you need to become successful, all the training you need to learn it all and a community of like minded leaders.

What do you get with MLSP?

You get this:

  • Membership in group of 19k+ entrepreneurs like you
  • 43 free courses to learn all you need to know about online and social media marketing
  • 11 Free generic lead magnets
  • 15 Free specific lead magnets
  • 8 Products to sell and keep 100% of profits
  • Weekly FREE live webinars with the founders of the company and other leaders teaching you everything you need to know
  • 20 Products you can promote and earn up to 67% commissions
  • 14 campaigns to promote the platform and earn up to 67% commissions
  • The Business Center – a platform to create websites, courses and memberships
  • Funnelizer – a platform to create capture pages, opt-in forms, sales pages, squeeze pages and more
  • CRM – a customer relationship manager, keep track of all your leads, takes notes on them and know which are of highest value
  • And a lot more – like the training vault and the quick start guide

That’s a lot I know

Why use My Lead System PRO?

You could just go and watch a bunch of YouTube videos.

Of join Facebook groups that teach lots of this stuff.

There are other platforms that also claim to grow leaders and teach everything you need to learn.

I’m sure all these other methods are good too.

What MLSP has over others though is staying power.

They’ve been around since 2008 and the founders of the company, Brian Fanale & Norbert Orlewicz are still around and will help your in those groups and in weekly live webinars.

It’s truly the best investment I ever made.

Start your risk free trial at http://mlsp.jeansergegagnon.com


Even though you can learn everything on your own, being part of a community of leaders and entrepreneurs that are on the same journey you are on is so much better.

Imagine hundreds of people telling you that you’ll succeed instead of tearing you down.

I bet you’ve had friends and family tell you that you can’t make it online.

Well, I’m here to tell you I know you can make it and I want you to make it .

Join us all on your journey.

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