How to run a successful free 5 day challenge?

Have you heard that you should be running a 5 day challenge?

Seems so easy when you join one and go through it, right?

Then you start thinking about putting one together yourself and just like everything else you tried, you get lost in the details and never start it.

What if I told you that running a 5 day challenge wasn’t hard to do?

You already know that, but what you’re missing is how can you make it not hard.

It’s all about knowing the steps to take
Just like anything else, I’ve learned that to make something simple, you just have to break it down into steps.

It might not make is easy, but it does make it simple.

So, here are the steps you need to go through.

  1. Choose the topic
  2. Define the win at the end
  3. Clarify the 4-5 steps they will go through and the wins they get each day
  4. Create your Facebook group
  5. Create the 5 day course in Click eCourse
  6. Invite people to the 5 day Click eCourse page

It looks easier that done but short or actually running the challenge, this is all you need to do.

Step 1: Choose the topic

It may be obvious to choose the topic but you have to keep in mind that it must be of interest to your audience.

I know, it’s the age old “know your audience” statement.

But it’s true, why run a challenge on learning how to draw a unicorn if your audience isn’t interested in drawing?

This is also where Russell Brunon’s “one thing” can be used since your challenge should identify what they will gain and what they will avoid by participating.

The phase “How to _ without ” will help you define your topic.

Step 2: Define the win at the end

As part of choosing your topic, it’s super important to know what your participants will gain from taking part in your challenge.

This can also be part of the “one thing” phrase.

When they read that phrase, they should instantly know what to expect they’ll accomplish at the end.

And it must be to accomplish something they want!

I guess that’s pretty obvious, but I still had to say it.

Step 3: Clarify the wins they get each day

Now this is probably the most important thing to get right if you want your challenge to be super successful.

You could still have a successful challenge by only aiming for a win at the end but creating smaller wins for them every day will cement their appreciation for you.

Each time they have a win from something you taught them, they get closer to wanting to buy anything you have to sell.

Even if the win at the end of the 5 days is huge, it’s just one win.

There’s something about the human mind that craves little wins and somehow each win has the same “points” value, so more wins equals more “points” for you.

Step 4: Create your Facebook group

Okay, so it’s time to create th Facebook Group to host the challenge.

In all honesty, it doesn’t have to be a Facebook group, it could be a LinkedIn group, an email list or just YouTube videos.

The way it’s done isn’t critical, but a Facebook group is still the easiest way today to run a challenge.

Your group should be named based on your “one thing” (or the challenge name/topic) and you should make it private.

You might also consider making it hidden if you think your participants will want privacy but that means they need to be your friends for you to invite them.

Step 5: Create the 5 day course in Click eCourse

To get easy access to the replays and possibly re-run the challenge in an automated way, you’ll want to save the videos somewhere other than on Facebook.

Another reason to do this is simply that Facebook is in control of who sees what when you post in your group.

Even if you tag them in the post, they might still not see the notification or Facebook might decide to not even send it to them.

That’s always been one of my biggest struggles with Facebook.

By using Click eCourse (at to host your videos after you’ve recorded them, you can control who gets notified.

Step 6: Invite people to the 5 day Click eCourse page

Now, you could just invite people to the Facebook group.

And, to some extent, that’s easier because people recognize Facebook groups for challenges.

There are at least 2 major issues with this though

First, you don’t get to convert them to leads because they don’t need to give you their email to join your group.

Yes, I know, you could request they enter an email to join the group, but there’s no forcing it.

Second, there is no easy way to keep track of who invited others to allow you to pay commissions.

I mean, if someone invites someone else to the group, there’s nothing guaranteeing they’ll get paid if that person buys the end of challenge offer.

By using Click eCourse as the entry point, it forces them to create an account on the platform and ties them to whoever referred them.

This guarantees that the right person gets paid their commissions.

It also gives others a great incentive to promote your challenge.


It’s not too complicated to run a challenge as you can see.

The challenge is to make it successful.

If you make sure they have daily small wins and find a way for others to promote it for you, you’re on the right track.

Of course, you still have to run it.

Watch the video as I get into that some more.

Lastly, don’t forget to share with your friends – just click the social icons.

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