What is best way to use Giveaways to grow your list?

I’ve always been trying to figure out what I can give away to build my business.

I would offer free trials, free month or even free year of access to my tools.

I’d even giveaway free ebooks and free time with me.

I mean, that’s what the gurus teach to do right?

Why do gurus teach that?

The main reason why this is what is taught is because that’s what works in the long term.

That’s also what big businesses do and people love those things.

It’s like a free coffer fter buying 10 coffees, or free 6 months of a magazine before paying for it.

Those things work and that’s why they are taught.

Free PDF and tool usage

I also created a few e-books (PDF downloads) t grow my list, and it did work somewhat.

The problem with these free offers is that before someone will want those, they need to already know, like and trust you.

You remember that marketing rule, right?

People need to know, like and trush you before they’ll buy anything from you.

What they don’t tell you, and maybe this is becoming truer now, is that they don’t even want anything free from you either!

Imagine! They don’t even want a free 6 months of your $1000/m tool!

How do you fix it?

I have been noticing a few really successful online entrepreneurs who give away totally unrelated stuff.

They give away cash, cars, laptops, phones and giftcards…

I’ve lways thought it was silly to do that and it wasn’t the right way to build your audience.

I mean, everyone wants a laptop, a car or some cash right?

So, how can they be your target market?

What have I been doing?

If you follow the online marketing rules like me, you’ll have done the following:

  • Choose what you are selling
  • Decide on your marketing avatar
  • Figure out their interests and pains
  • Market to those pains and interests
  • Post content every day with copy that your avatar will respond to
  • Grow your audience by giving away a free ebook they are interested in
  • Send daily emails to your list keeping the avatar in mind
  • Eventually offer them your product and hope some buy it

Before anyone buys your product, they need to get to the point of knowing, liking and trusting you.

This is why you do the daily posts and aily emails.

You also need to ensure your copy speaks to your avatar otherwise, you loose them before they get to know you.

But there’s a secret to all this

What’s the secret?

To be honest, I’m not 100% sure I got this right yet and I’ll be putting together a campaign to see if I do have it right or not.

But, the secret is that people need to “take you into their world”

What do I mean by that?

Well, if you think about it, all those posts on social media are meant for people to get exposures.

Same goes for the daily emails, right?

You must have heard about the 7 exposures rule of marketing… some say 10 or 20, but the idea is that someone only reaches the next level of knowledge with 7 exposures.

These exposures is what causes people to go from unknown to know you, then to like you then to trust you.

These are all just psychological barriers that everyone goes though.

How to use this with giveaways?

If you know that people need 7+ exposures to “you” to get to know you… then 7 more to get to like you… and 7 more to get to trust you…

Then it’s a simple matter to make them “take you in”… but how do you do that?

You post every day on social media, but they only see 1 post a week…

You send emails every day but gmail delivers it to spam!

So, how do you do it?


This is where the giftcard giveaway comes in.

You can do the same with cars, laptops, phones or cash too.

The secret is in getting them to open ALL your emails because if they don’t, they will miss the “you are a winner” email.

Simple right?

Now go watch the video as I explain more about this and the pieces you need to put it all together.

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