How to get leads and sales with Notifications on Social Media?

You probably think I’m totally crazy by saying you can get sales from Notifications.

But hear me out – the process is pretty impressive.

I first heard about this golden nugget from Attraction Marketing Queen Diane Hochman.

She basically said that posting in spam groups isn’t about getting people to see your posts but rather about being seen in other member’s notifications!

Wow, my mind was blown away!

The power of Notifications!

The first thing you need to understand is what Notifications are used for and how.

You’ll probably notice that when you go to social media, the first thing you’ll usually do is check your notifications.

Why is this important?

Well, if you’ve learned anything about Attraction Marketing, it’s that your goal (before making a sale) is to get people to trust you.

And this means that you will get them to see you all the time in their notifications – eventually, they’ll wonder who you are and will start down the path of the know, like, trust to sale.

The know, like, trust factor

So, how do you get people to trust you to buy from you?

I bet you’ve heard about this from tons of gurus, right?

Get them to see you so they learn to know you and eventually like you so they will trust you.

It’s all about consistently posting content on social media.

I’m not going to get into the posting rule and tactics, so we’ll assume you got that down, but if you’re not sure, feel free to reach out or check my other blog posts on Attraction Marketing.

The exposure rules

Ok, so you already know that you need to be creating content…

To explain the know, like & trust ladder, you have to understand the exposure rules.

In sales, we often talk about how the money is in the follow-up.

What that means is that your sales will drasticaly grow the more follow ups you do.

But what’s really happening is that with each follow-up, you are creating a new exposure in your client.

An exposure is a “view” of your product, of your brand or of you.

Each exposure increases the likelyhood of making a sale.

The number of required exposures varies depending on your niche, your experience and you client but most experts agree that you need 7-10 exposures to make a sale.

Exposures on social media

That’s the cool thing about notifications on social media.

Each notification is a new (small) exposure to you and your brand.

This is why we talk about personal branding and attraction marketing on social media.

By causing your face to show up in your target market’s notifications, you increase your exposure to them.

Of course, that doesn’t have the same power as a conversation with them, but you’re not involved in the time to generate notifications.

The know, like & trust ladder

To get to the top of the know, like & trust ladder, you just need constant exposures.

This would be an over simplification, but I hope it helps to illustrate how the process works.

Bascically, what this means is that each exposure moves them up the ladder.

Say, for example, that each level was 10 rungs of the ladder which means 30 exposures would be required to get to the trust level.

Simple, right?

Well, it’s not that simple, and depends of lots of other factors, like making sure your profile easily conveys what you do and your content is relevant and of interest to your target market, but that’s the basics.


As you can see, notifications are quite powerful when you understand the trust ladder and how they become exposures.

Understanding how exposures eventually lead to sales, leads and signups is fundemental to building an online business.

Learn the basics of content creation, attraction marketing and personal branding and you will be on your way!

Watch the video for more insights into this interesting topic.

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