How to Grow your Know Like Trust on Facebook?

Every single guru will tell you that if you’re online, Facebook is the place to build an audience.

Sure, you can do it lots of others way too, but it’s so much easier to do where you can easily find your target market.

Oh, by the way, It’s Canada day here! Happy Canada Day! I did record the video before but I am posting this on July 1st.

Anyway, if you want to use Facebook to build your online audience, this is the post to read.

Why do you need to grow your Know Like Trust on Facebook?

When we talk about Know Like Trust, or the KLT factor, we are talking about a process.

It’s super important to understand because no one will buy from you if the don’t trust you.

Read that again: no one will buy from you if they don’t trust you!

Think about it, if you’re building a business online, you have something to sell, right?

Could be a product, a service, an opportunity or even just you but in the end, it’s actually you that people buy – not your product.

Well, they buy what your product gives them – i.e. the results – but they buy that from you.

This is why trust is the most important thing you need to build online, and on Facebook there’s a way to make it simple.

What’s the simple way to build trust on Facebook?

There are really just 3 things you need to do on Facebook to build the trust others have for you.

  1. Post regularly
  2. Engage on other’s content
  3. Connect with people on a personal level

Simple enough enough right?

But how can you be effective and efficient with these activities and make sure it produces the results you are looking for?

Before we can answer that, we should probably explain what kind posts you need to post and who’s content you should engage on.

What kind of posts should you be posting?

To decide the kinds of posts you should be posting, you just need to answer these simple questions:

  • What does your product solve?
  • Who do you want to talk to about it?

Ok, well, maybe those questions are the easiest to answer.

Most would say their product solves a ton of stuff and everyone will want my product.

That may be true, but you can’t talk to everyone and solve everything when you get started, so just pick one thing and one audience.

The kinds of posts you post then become based on who you are talking to and what you re trying to solve for them.

Well, that’s what you should be thinking about when you choose to create a post.

In the video I also talk about the 10 post types, so check it out.

Who’s posts should you be engaging on?

Interestingly enough, the answer to those two questions will also tell you who to engage on.

Find where (which groups) your target market hangs out on Facebook and engage on their posts.

Don’t waste too much time on your Facebook timeline, at least not in the beginning, because what you see there is just what Facebook thinks you’re interested in.

Maybe you are interested in it, but chances are it’s not your target market’s posts.

After a while though, of engaging on the right posts, your timeline will change too.

Why does posting and engaging build trust?

Maybe you’re thinking that it seems crazy how just doing these simple activities will build trust.

The reason is in the words know, like and trust.

Basically, no one trusts someone they don’t like and no one can like someone they don’t know.

Posting and engaging causes people to know you, who you are and what you’re about.

Once they know you, they will automatically like you (if you’re their kind of person).

That’s when the trust comes in… it’s automatic after they know and like you.


Now that you understand why these basic steps will grow other’s trust in you, maybe you’re realizing you’ve been doing this all along.

Or you’re thinking that’s why things aren’t working.

I know I’ve felt like it was a lot of work to do all this content and engaging and I never knew when was a good time to reach out to someone.

I mean, I want to reach out to someone when I think they know who I am and hopefully like and trust me so they actually respond to me.


Watch the video to learn more about this and how you can improve your chances too.

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