What are the Newest Secrets to Attraction Marketing in 2024?

Whether you’re getting started online in 2024 or have been online for years, this is for you!

I’m sure you know that everything changes over time and Attraction Marketing strategies isn’t immune to changes.

I hope I’ve peeked your interest because if your don’t know this secret, you’re not going to get the most out of 2024!

To be clear, almost everything that you’ve been taught about Attraction Marketing is still valid in 2024.

And you’re just learning about it, most of what you find online is accurate.

What is this secret about?

I’m sure you’re itching to know exactly what the secret is and even though you can just scroll to find it, I suggest you don’t because you’ll miss out of why understanding why.

So, keep reading and resist the urge to go to the end because that will just cripple you anyway.

In any case, this Attraction Marketing Secret for 2024 is about how to use social platforms and more specifically Facebook use.

It applies to other platforms too but because Facebook is still the best platform to grow your know, like and trust, we’ll just explain how the secret applies to Facebook.

What do I mean by Attraction Marketing?

I’m sure you’re very aware that Marketing is usually used to describe advertising, and so is very expensive to use.

In truth though, Marketing is just a term meaning educating people on a product, service or even just an idea.

Advertising is just a paid method of educating those people and getting them to buy your product, service or offer

When we add the word Attraction Marketing, it’s really not needed because marketing is also always about attracting people to buy a product.

However, in the online space, and social media, we talk about it as the way to attract people to you.

It’s about content you create and actions you take on social media, or Facebook, to get people to trust you and buy from you.

What is this secret NOT about?

I think it’s important to clarify what this secret is not about first.

It’s not about any of these:

  • It’s not about a new platform!
  • It’s not about creating different content!
  • It’s not about using new software!
  • It’s not about changing how you connect with people!
  • It’s not about a new way to setup your account!
  • It’s not about a new web site to use!
  • It’s not about a new link to put in your BIO!
  • It’s not about a change to your DMO (daily method of operation)!

It’s really not something obvious!

The 3 prospect types

I’m sure you’re aware that t make sales online, you need to find prospects and that’s who you want to be attracting with Attraction Marketing.

I teach that there are 3 prospect types that you need to understand.

I call them the PIP and they are:

  • Prospect type 1: The Potential prospect – they are everyone.
  • Prospect type 2: The Ideal prospect – they are your avatar or target market.
  • Prospect type 3: The perfect prospect – they are your buyers.

Obviously, we all want perfect prospects and those can only be “found” by nurturing them into that.

Attraction Marketing accomplishes that but how long it takes is a direct result of this secret.

The Reverse Social Prospecting (RSP) Formula

Part of the Attraction Marketing Secret for 2024 is using the RSP Formula (Reverse Social Prospecting).

Using the RSP Formula (learn more at https://rspformula.com/) will totally change your results because instead of spending hours and hours during your day on the Facebook news feed, you can spend 30 minutes of focused time.

Imagine how your results would improve if you could spend those hours of things that mattered instead of the news feed?

What is the secret?

In truth, the secret is truly about using the RSP Formula.

The Reverse Social Prospecting Formula is all about focus and tracking.

I do have other content that talks about the RSP Formula, what it is and how to use it but in 2024 I will be putting on webinars and challenges to get your going fast using it.

It does require a small change in habits but if you implement it, your results will drastically change!

But, that change is worth it to 10x or even 100x your results!

Imagine having almost 100% of your conversations online ending in a sale?

What do you need to use the RSP Formula?

Truth is the RSP Formula is a small change in what you are already doing.

You still need to make sure you have done the following:

  • Defined your vision (your why).
  • Defined your offer.
  • Defined your avatar.
  • Setup your Profile.
  • Posting content daily (or consistently on a different schedule).
  • Comment on other people’s posts.
  • Reply to their comments on your posts.

But, the one thing, you will do differently is that instead of going to the news feed every day for hours, you’ll do what is taught in the RSP Formula.

You can learn more about the Reverse Social Prospecting Formula at https://rspformula.com/ and when the next class will be.


I know, that knowing this secret can be great, but it does open up some issues you might not have had before you knew it.

The Reverse Social Prospecting Formula is a game changer for 2024 and beyond.

You’ll want to learn all you can about it and make sure you watch the video below as I talk more about the Attraction Marketing Secret for 2024.

Lastly, I’d really appreciate if you shared this with your friends, they need to hear this message too. Just click on the social icons.

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