This is not the first time I do this.

I created these 12 steps almost 2 months ago and will refine them as time goes on.

It’s something I did to help you get the results you want.

I did it to clarify what I needed to do too!

One thing I realized was that even though I knew what to do (well mostly) since I’ve been doing personal branding and attraction marketing for over 4 years now…

Is that I wasn’t doing it in the right order.

Imagine – after 4 years (almost 5) realizing my results were not what I wanted because I wasn’t doing things in the right order!

Could that be your situation too?

Are you getting the results you want? Have you been building a personal brand for over 6 months with zero real results?

Then you need to tune in and find out about The 12 Critical Steps to YOUR Online Success

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