Why is consistency so important?
I bet you’ve asked yourself that question before, right?
We hear it all the time – consistency is king.
And it’s true that it’s super important.
Yes, content is queen and cash is everything, but without consistency, you don’t have anything either.
In your life, being consistent is also important.
That’s how others know what to expect.
It’s how kids know when they should get to bed, go to school or get dressed.
As adults, we often forget that because it’s so automatic for us, but kids don’t have it automatic and they learn by example and, yes, consistent reminders.
In terms of building a business online…
Selling a course… generating leads… having traffic come to your funnel…
or just plain getting new followers, consistency is also very critical.
Why you ask?
Well, a few reasons…
First, it’s human nature to want to know what is coming next.
by being consistent, you let your audience know what to expect.
You see, consistency is really just this:
1- Doing something
2- Doing it regularly
3- Doing it for a long time
How long is a “long time” and what “regularly” means depends on what “something” is…
In terms of business, personal branding and attraction marketing, that would be something like producing a piece of content every day… or once a week but consistently for months or years.
Are you consistent?
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