Tell stories

Telling stories is something you’ll hear from every top earner. Tell stories they say is how others can relate to you.

Stories aren’t always related

I listened once to an audio book about how a man helped another man stop smoking with a completely, seemingly unrelated story.

The man’s wife wanted him to stop smoking and had heard of this therapist that she heard was amazing so she asked her husband to go see him.

The therapist simply told him a story of a lost horse and how a man helped the horse back to his home just by ridding him and whispering in the horse’s ears “you know what to do” whenever the horse would come to a fork on the road since that man had no idea where the horse’s home was.

The man paid the therapist and left thinking it was crazy that he didn’t talk about smoking – but he never smoked again. Crazy right?

My treadmill story

I live on the 2nd floor in a 3 unit apartment… I bought a treadmill from the old owner when they sold the building a few months back… so I brought it upstairs… but never used it… until now.

I working in morning. Normally, I’d like to run outside but during the cold winter months I get asthma issue so I can’t run outside.

Anyway… the landlord was away this first week.

So I started the first time running at 4mp… first time was ok since it’s been over 6 month since last work out!

Second time tried to speed up to 6mp after 20 minutes of warm up… breaker blew! So finished at 4mp… Next day, just did 4mp but breaker blew even without speed up!

I was bummed… 🙁  It’s an old building so I figured the breaker was blowing just because it was old so I went out and got an extension cord to plug it somewhere else.

Next morning didn’t blow breaker

Landlord was back… started at 6am, got the first 5 minutes at 4mp… then went to 6pm… no issue… but got a text from landlord who lives on 1st floor under me…

He just said 6am is too early… I thought of ignoring it and getting back to him later but I decided to stop my workout – sucks…

We talked later that day and he asked me to workout at 7am – I understood… and agreed. It’s too late but I can understand since I’m on the 2nd floor above him.

The end of the story

Unfortunately, it didn’t work out… after letting me complete a workout he told me that he didn’t think it was a good idea for me to use this treadmill on the 2nd floor.

He said it felt like a train was passing over him and was afraid of walls cracking and such…

On the plus side he knew I bought it from previous owner and said he’d buy it back from me..

I guess it’s good that spring is almost here and I’ll soon be able to run outside.

So tell stories – people will relate to you and you’ll grow an audience that loves you.


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