In today’s live video I recap one of the more important rules you need to understand as a online marketer – or really as any marketer.

It’s funny because when you think about it, we all know that when we watch TV, read a magazine or listen to radio, only a fraction of our attention is on advertising.

On TV, it’s about 12 minutes over an hour, so 20% of the time. In a magazine, there might be 10 pages of ads in a 50 page publication, which is 20% also.

But, when we go online, we think we can just talk about out product or opportunity.

Learn the 80/20 rule and make over 80% of your content value driven.

You can go through each of these videos here for free or you can get access to the portal I mention in many of them to:

  • Keep track of which ones you’ve listened to
  • Download them all as audios (MP3) to listen on the go
  • Make commissions if you refer others and they buy too

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