I go back to basics, Use the Singular when doing your videos or posting your status updates or your tweets.

​I learned this over 3 years ago from a mentor of mine, Dani Johnson (who’s amazing) and have been doing it ever since.

​Remember that your audience, whoever is listening to you or reading your posts, is a single person… people don’t huddle around a phone to listen to a video all together right?

The days where your content is broadcast to thousands who watch it at specific time all together is gone.

​When you use the singular and they listen, they will feel like they are the only one.

You can go through each of these videos here for free or you can get access to the portal I mention in many of them to:

  • Keep track of which ones you’ve listened to
  • Download them all as audios (MP3) to listen on the go
  • Make commissions if you refer others and they buy too

Click here to get access to the portal.

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