Up until recently, maybe just 3 years ago, no one would even ever ask the question Should you do Portrait or Landscape videos?

But today, it’s a common question and the answer is, like most of my answers, pretty simple: It depends.

On what?

You’ll be able to clarify that based on your audience, where and how they will be consume your videos.

Simply put, if they will watch on their phone, go portrait but if it will be on computer/desktop/tablet, go landscape.

Please avoid landscape on Stories such as Snapchat or Instagram as people do get annoyed if they have to rotate their phone and may just stop following you.

You can go through each of these videos here for free or you can get access to the portal I mention in many of them to:

  • Keep track of which ones you’ve listened to
  • Download them all as audios (MP3) to listen on the go
  • Make commissions if you refer others and they buy too

Click here to get access to the portal.

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