I know it seems reverse but I’ll tell you why you shouldn’t post products.

I go more in depth in the video and I know it can be confusing as the company you are representing expects you to be their advertising channel.

I mean, why are they paying you big commissions, right?

Well, there’s a few reasons but mainly it’s because social media is NOT a magazine or a TV station, so why would we think it’s ok to advertise our products and company there?

Seriously, check the video but one reason is that people will google it and find all the negative comments and posts about it.

Do you want them to do that?

Watch video

You can go through each of these videos here for free or you can get access to the portal I mention in many of them to:

  • Keep track of which ones you’ve listened to
  • Download them all as audios (MP3) to listen on the go
  • Make commissions if you refer others and they buy too

Click here to get access to the portal.

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