OMG that was a funny video to do – lots of comments on how close I am but it’s worth it get you to build a fire within.

But why you ask?

Will, I wanted to grab your attention… get you to notice… make you ask “what is that?”

Of course to build a fire within, you need to find your passion, your why, your vision and then build a plan…

but if your why, passion and vision isn’t strong enough your fire will burn out.

To keep it burning, ask yourself daily why you want your why… and why you want that too…

Really, ask daily, why & see your vision of your amazing future!

That’s how you Build a Fire Within!

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2 thoughts on “Build a Fire Within – Simple Online Strategies #245”
  1. Great video post! So in order to find my real why, then I need to become a 4 year old? Right? They keep asking WHY over and over again! Love it.

    1. Haha Yvonne, yes, that’s right – you gotta become a 4 year old – that sounds like a great tip for one of my future videos 🙂

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