When ever you think of running a business, you really need to think of a way to get residual income.

In case you didn’t know, there are two types of income – linear and residual.

Linear income is when you trade time for money. Stop working, stop getting paid.

Residual income keeps paying even if you stop working! Like royalties for singers, actors and authors.

In business, it’s about building a system that pays you instead of you having to be the system.

There’s many ways (franchise, mlm, digital content, etc…)

I started in MLM in 91… then founded a sw biz to $20mil value.

Learn more about it in video.

You can go through each of these videos here for free or you can get access to the portal I mention in many of them to:

  • Keep track of which ones you’ve listened to
  • Download them all as audios (MP3) to listen on the go
  • Make commissions if you refer others and they buy too

Click here to get access to the portal.

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