How to get Started Online?

That’s a easy question and a hard one!

I remember when I first started online.

I was trying to build my home based business, a network marketing business and I had learned great skills on how to get phone numbers from strangers.

I would just walk up to them in malls, grocery stores, gas stations and other places, start a conversation and get their number within 5 minutes.

It was a great skill to have… but I was still not building my business..

I know why though, it was because I wasn’t talking to enough people.

I mean, talking to strangers every day only gets you so far – you still have to call them, book a meeting and then present to them, right?

There’s a finite amount of time you have to present to them… then follow up…

It just never ends.

Here’s the thing

Even though I know how to do it, I really didn’t like going out all the time to find new strangers to talk to.

I would rather talk to someone who was already interested in making money from home, right?

It didn’t take long for me to realize that I would be doing this for a long time and doing it more each day.

Maybe you like doing that enough to focus on improving those skills to get better results, but I didn’t like it enough.

I realized that I needed to be able to scale and automate my efforts

I had to get online for that…

So I started online

I googled “how to build a network marketing company online”

I found so many results I must have spent the next month watching videos and reading blogs.

I really started to like a few of the people I was seeing.

But I learned something really amazing

I learned about attraction marketing and personal branding.

I had no clue that this was a thing.

I mean, I sorta knew about it because it’s already all around us

but what I didn’t know is all that was involved in making it possible for me.


How do you get started online?

Like I said, it’s easy and hard to answer

The easy answer is to just start… just go for it… do something!

I know that easier said than done, but the point is that you need to start somewhere.

Yes, you’ll need to learn lots of skills, platforms and do things you’ve not done before, but that can all be learned.

Watch to video or listen to pod cast to learn more.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments and feel free to reach out if there’s anything I can do to help.


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