Should you grow your followers fast?

It’s a good question to have.

I remember doing lots of things to grow my followers really fast.

I learned how to grow my Twitter followers by 30-50 per day!

I learned how to grow my LinkedIn connections by 1000 per month!

I even learned how to grow my Facebook likes by 18,000 in just one day with just $200 in ads!

Crazy right?

The good and the bad

The thing about growing your followers fast is that that it’s sometimes good and sometimes bad.

It really just depends on how you do it and why.

I did lots of things that were great.

I learned lots of skills to grow my followers really fast.

I also did lots of bad things but it doesn’t mean what I did was bad, just that there were parts to the equation I should have done differently.

It all comes down to your audience…

The offline world

I know that when I was trying to build a business offline, my single goal was to talk to as many people as possible.

I got really good at getting numbers from strangers really fast.

It would take me 5-10 minutes to get someone’s phone number, pretty great, right?

You see, I knew that to get more people to talk to, I needed to improve how fast it took me to get their number.

Not to mention getting the appointment, presenting to them and then following up.

That’s the thing though, I didn’t like to have to do all that.

The online world

That’s why I searched to build my business online…

But I didn’t want to just do the same thing online…

I knew that I needed to make at least 10 sales or sign up 10 new reps per month.

Obviously, each business is different, but the point is you need to have consistent results, right?

You also need to do a lot more if you want massive results.

That’s what I wanted

Massive results

How do you get to massive results?

Back then, I was just all about growing my followers to get more eyes on my product, service or opportunity.

That’s why I learned those skills.

The positives

One of the big benefits of growing your followers is the perception new potential followers will have of you.

I mean, think about it…

If you see someone online, you’ll think they are more successful if they have 10,000 followers than if they have 10, right?

It’s the same for your potential followers, they will most certainly think that of you.

Let’s be real though, this is indeed a perception… but perceptions do have a place here.

The other big positive is that you will get more people seeing your stuff – you will show up in more searches – you will be contacted more.

Those are great, but if you don’t do it right, they will mean nothing (I didn’t do it right in beginning)

The negatives

One of the main negatives is that the platform may not be happy with you.

but the major negative really just comes into play if you don’t do this right.

Engagement will not grow since your followers are growing to fast.

One mistake I made was grow my followers based on my interest of that day and then change my message.

Don’t do that – don’t change your message.

It’s a very bad thing to do.

Think of it this way: your followers are following you because you said you’d talk about A… which you do… then you start talking about B.. they will unfollow you and even flag you if they are upset about topic B…

They did that to me because I switching to cryptocurrency and half my followers weren’t interested.

What’s the conclusion?

I’d say the answer to: Should you grow your followers fast? is probably no although is depends on what is meant by fast.

In the end, you need to:

  • decide on your audience
  • decide on your message to them
  • produce content they will engage with
  • then grow your followers based on that

If you do that fast, then it will be fine…

But try to do it fast and skip some of those steps, you will have trouble.

Let me know if you have any questions or if I can help.


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