What is my daily episode posting process?

Have you been wanting to post on many platforms but just don’t find the time to do it?

What if I told you I post on 8-10 different platforms every day?

You’d probably think that’s easy for a single guy…

But, I’m not single… I’m married and have a day job AND have 2 young kids.

Well, actually, I have 4 daughter and 4 grand kids, but that’s beside the point.

Where do I post?

I post on all these platforms every week day:

  • This blog post
  • YouTube
  • Facebook page
  • LinkedIn
  • Instgram IGTV
  • Soundcloud
  • Amazon Alexa Skills

I also share on

  • Snapchat
  • TikTok
  • Instagram story
  • Facebook story
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest

And to my subscribers

  • aWeber email list
  • ManyChat Facebook list

Do you need to post everywhere?

No of course not!

You need to learn each of these platforms to eventually get to do this.

I’ve been doing this for almost 5 years on a daily basis

Plus, I’m also a programmer so I’ve automated some things (I can show you how if you’d like)

I have also created a web site to help you.

For example, you can just record a video and upload it to get the audio out of it and to get a RSS feed to share it to audio platforms.

Watch the video to see more of this process I follow so you can do the same when you are ready.


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