Top 10 Tips for Social Media Marketing

There’s no way to escape social media today when you start to build your business online.

You might be able to get away with it if you have a huge budget and are willing to spend a million dollars on advertising.

but I bet you’re like me and don’t have a dime to put into advertising.

How I got started

It’s crazy but when I started trying to build my MLM online, I had 60 Facebook friends, that’s it!

I mean, no Twitter, no Instagram, no YouTube, no Pinterest, no Snapchat, no blog, nothing!

I thought it would be easy, just do what businesses do… talk about your product, right?

Seriously, my MLM company wants me to talk about them, their products and how awesome they are.

Why wouldn’t I do that?

That’s a good question and in the beginning, I certainly didn’t know and did everything wrong.

You know when they say to talk to all your friends and family?

Well, I did that…

When they say to talk to them until they say yes because they’ll probably say no the first time..

I did that too…

Didn’t go well

You probably did that too – and it just didn’t work for you either, right?

This is why you are here and want to know about the Top 10 Tips for Social Media Marketing…

  1. Set a Good Profile Picture
  2. Make Your Posts Public
  3. Don’t Post Company or Product Name
  4. Choose a Single Strategy
  5. Brand Your Name
  6. Be Congruent (the same everywhere)
  7. Define Your DMO (Daily Method of Operation)
  8. Engage on Everything
  9. Connect Daily
  10. Learn the 80/20 Rule

Watch the video to get a quick explanation of each of these.

Or better yet, click here to get my free eBook Top 10 Simple Online Strategies that Actually Attract customers & Team Members to YOU and learn even more.

As always, let me know if I can help.

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