How do I automate social media posts?

Not sure if you knew but I automate a lot of my social media posting.

Some say that’s a bad idea and they may be right, who knows, right?

I’ve asked myself that question and I know there’s some issues with automating social media posts, but there are benefits too.

What are issues with automating social media posts?

The main issue with automating social media posts is that the platforms don’t really like it.

Some platforms allow it more freely, like Twitter while others do not even allow it, like Instagram and Snapchat.

The thing that is common to those that do allow it though is that they will not share your automate content much.

Why automate social media posts then?

The main benefit of automating your social media posts is that you appear to have a presence.

It’s especially useful if you don’t have tons of time to do it yourself.

For me, I really just have a few hours a week and that time is mostly taken up by creating my main content.

I create a new blog post (like this) and a new video pretty much each day.

That takes an hour a day, so I don’t have time to do much more.

What do I automate?

Once my video is published on YouTube, it gets automatically shared to a bunch of platforms.

Once I publish my blog post, it gets shared as well.

Then I also have repeated shares throughout the month of previously posted items.

I also add image quotes to an automated process as well.

What tools do I use?

The 4 main tools I use to automate my social media posts are:

  1.  Buffer to share image quotes to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  2. OnlyWire to share new blog posts to 13+ networks.
  3. Social Jukebox to share past posts to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  4. IFTT to share YouTube videos and Instagram likes to other platforms.

Watch the video to lean more about these tools and how I use them

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