How to create email list and campaigns with aWeber?

Do you want to know the difference between a campaign, a followup series, a broadcast and email list?

If you’re building a business online or trying to sell a course, you definitely need an auto responder.

Or in other words an email list manager

What is aWeber?

aWeber is an auto responder… or an email list manager.

It lets you manage multiple email lists, have subscribers on each list and send out messages to them.

You can send out scheduled or instant emails to your subscribers and manage automated emails too.

It also allows you to create sign up forms and landing pages too if you don’t already have that elsewhere.

What is an email list?

An email list is exactly what it sounds like.

It’s a series of emails you have organized in a list, just like a shopping list.

With aWeber , you can have any number of email lists, all with a different setup and with different subscribers.

You can then choose to send an email to people in one list, multiple lists or all your lists.

The idea is to send them whatever you promised when they signed up and then send them broadcast emails.

What is a follow-up series?

The first few messages that your subscriber gets is called the follow up series.

It’s the emails you would send them a link to a free eBook for example.

Usually, it’s a list of 5 to 10 emails they get one a day from you… could be one a week too or even one a month, up to you.

This is typically, the basics of your email list – you need to at least send them a welcome email.

If you’ve ever listened to Russell Brunson or read his books, you probably heard about the Soap Opera Sequence. Check out his books here.

It’s the first 4-5 emails you send to your new subscriber so they get to know you better, but it’s based on a specific formula.

I talk about that in many other posts.

What is a broadcast?

A broadcast is an email you send to your list on a specific time – not automatically but when you choose to send it.

It can still be scheduled ahead of time, but it’s a one off email, not something everyone gets after subscribing.

If they subscribe after you’ve sent it for example, they won’t get it.

You normally send a broadcast to all your list.

One thing I’ve been struggling with is how to send a broadcast to everyone except for the new subscribers.

There are different ways to do that, like basing it on how long they’ve been a subscriber or manually organizing your list, but I now use tags and campaigns.

What is a campaign?

A campaign is simply a way to organize an email list so your subscribers get emails sent to them based on tags and events.

For example, you can setup a campaign to have an email go out when they buy something.

Or when they click a link or subscribe to a list.

All that is possible with campaigns.

What is a tag?

A tag is an identifier you can assign to a subscriber.

It is simply a text string, such as “new”, “buyer”, “clicked link to my web site” or “bought product X”

You can choose to apply a tag when someone opens and email, when they click a link, when they receive an email or when they subscribe to a list.

There are also more advanced ways such a integrating with your website or shopping cart which we won’t cover here.

What is an event?

An event is something that happens when your subscriber takes an action.

It could be when they click a link… when they open an email… or when they subscribe to a list.

You can choose to apply or remove a tag on those events.

Then you can have a campaign fire (start sending emails) when a tag is added or removed.

How to setup your campaigns the right way

Once you have your email list created, you will want to setup your follow up series.

Traditionally, this was done with a simple follow up series but now with campaigns you have much more power.

You can setup your follow up series in a welcome campaign and then tag them once the finish it so you know they have completed the series.

For example, I have my Simple Online Strategies email list campaign that sends out 12 emails… one per day… when you subscribe to it.

The first email is the free eBook you asked for… then I send out 10 emails with simple online strategies and the final email is an invitation to an affiliate program I have.

Once the last email is sent, a tag is added to the user which I use to decide who to send broadcast emails to.

Watch the video for some hands on examples where I actually show how to create an email list and campaign in aWeber .

As always, I’d love to help you get results and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out. Go to my contact me page to do that.

Please share if you found value here, I’d really appreciate that.

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