How to connect your aWeber lists and campaigns

I’m going to change all my email follow up series to use campaigns and want you to see how it’s done.

I’ve been using aWeber for almost 5 years now and have 60 lists now!

It’s crazy to have that many lists and it’s difficult to manage.

What is right way?

Obviously, there are many different ways to do this and as many different tools you can use.

You don’t have to use aWeber , but that’s the tool I use and that I can show how to do things with.

I want to do what experts like Russell Brunson teaches (get his books at

He talks about having a Soap Opera Sequence and sending out Seinfeld emails.

Even though I still have work to do with the Soap Opera Sequence, I wanted to stop sending my broadcasts to everyone including those who just subscribed.

What do you need to do?

To send emails to multiple lists but only if the subscribed long ago enough, I decided to use campaigns and tags.

For me, that meant doing the following:

  1. Create new campaign for my Introduction that gets triggered on a new tag (I called it “sub to intro”)
  2. Convert all my followup series to campaigns and tag them at end with “sub to intro”
  3. Add the tag “seinfeld” to anyone who completes the intro sequence
  4. Create a new subscriber segment called “seinfeld tag”
  5. Change my broadcasts to just go to the “seinfeld tag” segment (instead of everyone)

In the video I show how to do all that.

How to create a campaign in aWeber

It’s relatively simple to create a campaign in aWeber .

Follow these steps:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Select list (or create new list)
  3. Go to messages -> Campaigns
  4. Click Create New Campaign button
  5. Add messages, tags and delays as needed
  6. Save and activate it

Since I had a follow up series I wanted to use the same messages, so on each, I just clicked the “copy to draft” and then was able to use those in my campaign.

I did the same conversion for all my other lists.

How to add a tag to existing subscribers

Go to your list and manage subscriber link.

In the top section, you can search for users.

Select “Added after”, put a date such as 2 weeks or a month ago and click the Search button.

The list will display.

You then click on the little checkbox right next to the Action pull down.

If the search result was bigger than what was on the screen, it may give you option to select them all.

The click the action pull down and select Tag

Finally, enter the tag and press enter.

How to create a segment from the tag

Once you have your subscribers tagged, you can create a segment with the tag.

Again, go to your list and manage subscribers option.

In the search bar, choose Tag in the option

Leave the specifier at “is”.

Enter the tag and click search

Right under the search bar, you will now see the option to create the segment.

Just enter a name and create to segment.

You will now be able to use that segment to send emails.

How to send broadcast to a segment in multiple lists

You can now send an email to only those who have the tag.

Go to any list in the Messages tab and click the Create Message button

Create your message and save it

Select the “Send broadcast” option in the draft view.

In the section where it shows the list to send to, edit that and click the “send to all lists” but also change the segment from “Subscribers” to the segment you saved.

The rest is the same and once you schedule it, the email will go just to them.

Hope this helps and make sure to watch the video for a walk through of all this.

Please share if you got some value and reach out via my contact me page if you have any questions or want any help.

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