How to setup your blog on WordPress site

Are you going to need a blog or a web site to promote your course?

Maybe you can just use the course platform’s landing pages as the course home page.

Maybe you can just use the school’s home page to showcase all your courses.

What if you want to promote something else?

Why a blog?

If you are trying to sell a course online, you really need to be building an audience.

To build an audience, you need to have engagement with them.

and the best way to do that is to post on social media, right?

Well, you might want to make sure someone else doesn’t own your prospects.

A blog allows you to own your content instead of the social media platform.

Where to get a blog site?

There are so many platforms out there that give you a blog, I won’t name any, you can easily google them.

I’ll just talk about how to setup your free WordPress blog site on Click eCourse ( hosting platform.

WordPress is not the only platform out there but it’s been around for a long time and is constantly evolving.

We’ve made it super easy to setup your blog.

What are the easy steps?

The steps to setup your free WordPress blog site on Click eCourse are this easy:

  1. Go to the site and register an account
  2. Go to your profile and click the Blog tab
  3. Activate your blog

Once you have your blog activated, you can customize it, install plugins and themes, create posts, pages, menus and widgets just like any other WordPress site.

This is a self hosted solution for you.

What’s next?

You can import blog pages from an other WordPress site.

You can set your blog domain

You can start creating posts.

Watch the video to see a walk though and much more.

As always, let me know if you have any questions by contacting me on any of the social platforms.

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