Marketing Secrets book Trilogy review

I’m so excited to have received my Secrets Trilogy books yesterday.

If you have not heard of this, you’re in for a treat.

The Secrets Trilogy book set is a hard cover set with Dotcom Secrets, Expert Secrets and Traffic Secrets.

You can get any them for free by just paying shipping at

It even has a 4th bonus book called Unlock the Secrets

Who is Russell Brunson?

If you’ve never heard of Russell Brunson, you’ll wonder why you should care about his books.

Firstly, he’s the creator of Click Funnels – the platform that everyone is using to build sales funnels.

He started learning about sales funnels when he was 12 by opting in to all sorts of free mailer sales letters in magazines and newspapers.

He tells the story of how he’d get bags of mail every day and how he’d read through it all.

When he was in college he sold a potato gun DVD online and learned about Google ads

He also got slapped by Google when his ads went from dollars per click to $40+ per click and learned how to add up sells to his offer and the sales funnel was born.

What are the Secrets books?

The secrets books are about how to market online, attraction marketing and personal branding tactics.

The first book is Dotcom Secrets which covers how to grow your business online.

Next came the Expert Secrets book which covers how to grow a fan base that will buy everything you have to sell.

Finally, the Traffic Secrets book which tells you how to get people (or traffic) to come to your web site and funnels.

Why the new trilogy is worth it?

Even though I already bought the first edition of Dotcom Secrets and Expert Secrets and loved them both, I was super excited to get the new edition of both of these.

I’m an audio book junkie.

I listen to audio books on my long drives and when I shower or work out.

I never listen to the news or the radio. Music is great, but I find it a loss of productive time.

Listening to audio books is great to learn new things during what I consider lost time.

So, when I saw that the Dotcom secrets book was now 388 pages versus 245 and Expert Secrets was 347 pages instead of 265, I just had to find out what was in all those extra pages.

The new Traffic secrets book is 321 pages and audio is 6:58.

The audio versions were also longer and all read by Russell himself!

The original Dotcom Secrets audio book was 4:15 and the revised edition is 6:39! A whole 2 hours more!

Whereas the original Expert Secrets audio book was 6:12 versus 6:28. It’s just an extra 16 minutes but it’s read by Russell. That alone is worth it to me.

That means a total of 1,056 pages and over 20 hours (1,205 seconds)!

What is in Dotcom secrets?

The Dotcom secrets book has these chapters:

  • Secret #1: The Secret Formula
  • Secret #2: Hook, Story, Offer
  • Secret #3: The Value Ladder
  • Secret #4: The Attractive Character
  • Secret #5: Funnel Hacking
  • Secret #6: Seven Phases of a Funnel
  • Secret #7: Follow-up Funnels
  • Secret #8: Lead “Squeeze” Funnels
  • Secret #9: Survey Funnels
  • Secret #10: Summit Funnels
  • Secret #11: Book Funnels
  • Secret #12: Cart Funnels
  • Secret #13: Challenge Funnels
  • Secret #14: Video Sales Letter Funnels
  • Secret #15: Webinar Funnels
  • Secret #16: Product Launch Funnels
  • Secret #17: Application Funnels
  • Secret #18: “Curiosity-Based Headline” Scripts
  • Secret #19: “Who, What, Why, How” Script
  • Secret #20: “Star, Story, Solution” Script
  • Secret #21: “OTO” Script
  • Secret #22: “Perfect Webinar” Script
  • Secret #23: “Product Launch” Script
  • Secret #24: “Four-Question Close” Script
  • Secret #25: “Setter” and “Closer” Scripts
  • Secret #26: ClickFunnels
  • Secret #27: Funnel Stacking
  • Secret #28: Funnel Audibles

What is in the Expert Secrets book?

The chapters in the Expert Secrets book are:

  • Secret #1:Finding Your Voice
  • Secret #2: Teaching Your Frameworks
  • Secret #3: The Three Core Markets or Desires
  • Secret #4: The New Opportunity
  • Secret #5: More Money for the Same Framework
  • Secret #6: The Future-Based Cause
  • Secret #7: The Epiphany Bridge
  • Secret #8: The Hero’s Two Journeys
  • Secret #9: The Epiphany Bridge Script
  • Secret #10: The Four Core Stories
  • Secret #11: The Perfect Webinar Framework
  • Secret #12: The Big Domino
  • Secret #13: The Three Secrets
  • Secret #14: The Stack and Closes
  • Secret #15: Trial Closes
  • Secret #16: Testing Your Presentation Live
  • Secret #17: The Perfect Webinar Shortcut
  • Secret #18: The 5-Minute Perfect Webinar
  • Secret #19: Plugging “Expert Secrets” into Your Value Ladder

What is in the Traffic Secrets book?

The chapters in the Traffic Secrets book are:

  • Secret #1: Who is Your Dream Customer?
  • Secret #2: Where are they Hiding? The Dream 100
  • Secret #3: Hook, Story, Offer and the Attractive Character
  • Secret #4: Work Your Way In, Buy Your Way In
  • Secret #5: Traffic That You Own
  • Secret #6: Follow-Up Funnels
  • Secret #7: Infiltrating the Dream 100
  • Secret #8: Fill Your Funnel Organically (Working Your Way In)
  • Secret #9: Fill Your Funnel with Paid Ads (Buying Your Way In)
  • Secret #10: Instagram Traffic Secrets
  • Secret #11: Facebook Traffic Secrets
  • Secret #12: Google Traffic Secrets
  • Secret #13: YouTube Traffic Secrets
  • Secret #14: After the Slaps and the Snaps
  • Secret #15: Conversation Domination
  • Secret #16: The Funnel Hub
  • Secret #17: Other People’s Distribution Channels
  • Secret #18: Your Affiliate Army
  • Secret #19: Cold Traffic
  • Secret #20: Other Growth Hacks

What is the Bonus Unlock the Secrets book?

You’ll also notice there’s a bonus book in the trilogy.

Kinda weird right? A trilogy with 4 books???

Well, it’s not really a book.

It’s your workbook to take notes and answer the questions about your business.

In all 3 books, there are tons of exercises you should be doing.

Normally, you should be writing the answers in your own note books

This workbook lets you organize it all in one place.

Pretty cool, right?

Make sure to check the video as I explain all of this and show you hands on what they look like.

I’d love to connect with you to help you any way I can. Go to the contact me page to reach out on the platform you like best.

Please share this to help all your friends.

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