What is an unboxing video and how to create one

You must have heard about unboxing videos before, right?

If not, there’s just videos of you recording yourself opening something.

It’s like capturing your excitement of opening a gift.

Usually, you’ll be unboxing something you are excited to have received.

Other unboxing videos

There is another type of unboxing video.

It could be that you are recording it for an online retailer to show potential customers what’s in the box.

We are not talking about the 2nd type here though.

How do you make an unboxing video?

It’s pretty simple.

You setup your camera and the box and start recording.

A few things to keep in mind though.

Don’t rip the box or packaging in case you  want to redo it.

You should explain what you are about to open and why you are doing a video.

You will also want to say a little bit about yourself.

In my case, I talk about how I live 12 hours away from my family and that I’m doing online marketing to get home.

What if you mess up?

You might feel your recording isn’t that great.

Don’t worry about that, you can just put everything back in the box and close it up with clear tape.

I did that a few times when I recorded my unboxing video for Russell Brunson‘s Secrets Trilogy.

I actually got them yesterday, opened up the box and then saw the video challenge.

What did I unbox?

Since I already had opened the box, I put it all back together and tapped it with clear masking tape.

So, it was just like I had received it yesterday.

I could open the box as if I just got it and record that.

I even did it twice.

In the video on this page, I actually include me recording the unboxing, the two unboxing videos.

Later, I will trim that out and post the video following Russell’s instructions.

Hope you enjoy and don’t forget to get your copy of the trilogy at http://books.clickecourse.com

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