The Secrets Trilogy unboxing challenge!

If you’ve ordered the Secrets Trilogy, you can submit an unboxing video.

If you haven’t, get it from (just order free book and you’ll be able to get box set after).

Russell has put together a contest of unboxing videos.

On the box, there is a barcode to scan which takes you to a page explaining the contest.

What I did

So, after opening the box, I realized I didn’t scan the barcode, so I did.

That took me to the web site which is the unboxing challenge explanation.

Russell is always full of energy and I thought I should do the challenge.

So, I recorded an episode where I explained what an unboxing video was and recorded two of them.

Get them out of main video

Since I had them recorded “live” during the recording of my episode, I had to cut them out.

First, I needed to figure ut where the start and end points in the full video were, I just played video and found it that way.

I use different tools to do this.

First one is a command line tool called ffmpeg which you can get for PC, Max or Linux.

It’s a very advanced tool, for geeks like me, and the command looked like this:

 ffmpeg -i "2020-05-29-146-What is an unboxing video and how to create one.mp4" -ss 17:16 -to 20:10 -c copy unbox2.mp4

It’s bascially:, -i inputfile -ss skipto -to endat -c codec outputfile

The inputfile is the full mp4 video, the skipto is where to start the extraction at, the endat is where to end the extractin, the codec is what to use to encode new video and the outputfile is what to save it as.

If you’re not a geek, you may prefer using a tool like Windows Movie Maker or Camtasia.

Either of those let you select where to cut and then save to a file.

Watch video for how I did it with Movie Maker.

Let me know if you have any questions and if I can help you in any way.

Don’t forget to share, someone else needs to hear this.


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